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   Chapter 905 Mol's Sweet Marriage Life (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6833

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Since she had thought of Daniel a moment ago, Molly was still somewhat sad when she got off the car. As soon as her feet touched the ground, she looked around by instinct. All of a sudden, she froze where she was standing.

Not far away before her eyes, there was Edgar, behind whom were Daniel and Cathy. Edgar first walked forward to shake hands with Brian. Then turning his head to look at Molly, he made fun of her by saying, "Well, we haven't seen each other for only two years. How can you become so dumb?"

Hearing Edgar's voice, Molly suddenly came to herself. She only glared at Edgar at what he had said. She walked forward to hold Daniel in her arms and then gave Cathy a hug too. She was too excited to utter a word.

"Sister Molly!" with a brave voice, Daniel called her name. His eyes turned red on his dark face.

"Sister Molly!" sweet and gentle as a flower, Cathy greeted her with a sweet smile on her face. Then she looked at Brian and greeted him, "Brother Brian!"

Turning his head, Brian looked at Cathy like a pampering elder brother. He stroked her head and short hair softly and said, "You look much mature now!"

Hearing Brian's comment, Cathy raised her chin and pointed at the mark on her shoulder. In a proud expression on her face, she said, "Of course. I'm a major now!"

"You've done a good job!" proud of what she had achieved, Brian complimented her in an indifferent voice, which sounded neither cold nor warm. However, delight and joy were apparent in his eyes, as if he was looking at his own sister who had made great achievements.

Standing in front of Brian and looking at him, Daniel no longer feared him as he once had before. He had enough self-confidence now. Seeing that Brian was praising Cathy, he said in a hurry, "My brother-in-law, I'm a major too!"

"I saw your shoulder mark as soon as I got off the cruiser," nodding his head towards him, Brian responded, while a faint smile appeared on his lips.

Hearing that, Daniel looked at Cathy complacently with stars in his eyes. Cath

lutely and determinedly for the sake of her family. Molly wondered whether she had been afraid that she would never see the world in her life considering the condition of her eyes. She was so grateful that because of her she can be able to watch every sunrise and sunset with each passing day.

Seeing the expression of guilt in Molly's eyes, Cathy waved her hand and said with a smile, "I have to thank you..."

"Hem?" Molly couldn't understand why Cathy said that.

Holding Molly's hands in hers and lowering her eyes, Cathy said, "Thank you for needing my eyes. Thanks to your need, my family was able to be safe." She raised her head to look at Molly with her eyes, which gave out a dazzling light. "Besides, because of that, I have known Brother Brian and you. With that, I am very happy and thankful. What's important is that I'm not blind now, and I can do what I loved doing. Plus, I can struggle for a better future together with the person I love."

While saying that, Cathy's eyes became increasingly bright and she even blushed. She took a glance towards the outside by accident, and Daniel's voice came through at the same time.

Both Cathy and Molly had never felt such peace within themselves before. Together they had found help and fortress with each other. They were both thankful for the wonderful life they were living at the moment.

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