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   Chapter 904 Mol's Sweet Marriage Life (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6279

Updated: 2019-06-28 01:49

"Why do you come back so late?" turning his head towards Hawk, Richie asked in a caring tone.

"I was delayed by something," with a sly smile, Hawk replied. Waving the envelope in his hand, he added, "But I'm late just in time to take this here."

"Is that from Wing?" Looking at the envelope, Shirley's eyes shone. She stood up and took the envelope over from Hawk. While opening it, she said, "When we talked last time on the phone, she said for Charlie and Evelyn's birthday she would mail a..." Her speech rate slowed down as she looked down at something inside the envelope. She took something out of the envelope, then she finished her sentence, "Postcard."

She fixed her eyes on the things in her hands and read it carefully. When everyone started to look at each other and then looked at her in confusion, her eyes turned bright. Excitedly, she shouted, "Richie, Richie... Wing is pregnant!" With a picture of the B-mode ultrasound, she turned around to look at Richie and said again, "Wing is pregnant!"

"Really? Wow!"

everyone sitting on the sofa exclaimed out of surprise. Their reactions exploded inside the house in an instant, just like a happy bomb. Everyone sprang up to their feet. Shirley was in tears and Molly had her hands in her mouth in disbelief. Richie strode towards Shirley to take the B-mode ultrasound picture over to have a look. Both Brian and Eric, who had been playing with the kids, stood up and ran towards them. In such a pleasant way, happiness came without giving a notice in advance. Nobody there had a mental preparation for Wing's pregnancy, which made them feel happier hearing the good news.

On her mind, Molly couldn't contain her emotions when she flew to a place where an army of the State Parliament was stationed together with Brian and Mark. She felt that nearly every corner of the world was overwhelmed by a happy at


Molly felt a bit sick because of the bumpy mountain roads. She could not help but be relieved in her decision not to take the little twins together with them the last minute before they had left. Otherwise, she would have a hard time trying to comfort them while feeling sick, which would be intolerable.

As soon as the cruiser passed by the gates of the military area, an atmosphere of solemnity and reverence prevailed, which was impressive. Every soldier that the cruiser passed by, no matter they were going on patrol, going to the training ground or returning to their dormitory, would stop and give a salute towards the cruiser. Seeing that, Daniel came to Molly's mind all of a sudden.

The last time she had seen him was during her wedding. She hadn't had time to talk with him too much before he had left together with Edgar. At that time, he had been forbidden to get in touch with any outsider since they had been taking part in an exercise and new military research in cooperation with Dragon Island. Therefore, Molly hadn't been able to communicate with him for a long time.

"Here we are!" Billy said with a simple smile on his face. He was the first to get off the cruiser, so as to open the door for Brian, Molly, and Mark.

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