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   Chapter 903 Mol's Sweet Marriage Life (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6406

Updated: 2019-06-28 01:49

At Glamour Hall, the Long Family Mansion, Dragon Island

Cries of two different pitches from newborn babies came through, filling up the entire place. As one baby stopped crying, the other began crying again, which was repeated endlessly, as if they were saying that they were not satisfied with what they were suffering at the moment.

Molly walked inside the main hall with two feeding bottles in her hands. Seeing the scene before her eyes, she could not help but open her mouth slightly. Then she blinked as if she could not believe what she saw and asked, "Bri, what are you doing?"

Brian's face was an overcast one. With a wet diaper in one hand, he took a slight glance at it before throwing it in the garbage can. Ignoring the baby's cry, he lifted his son's fat legs and began wiping his ass with a piece of wet tissue. He could not look clumsier or funnier with the expression on his face.

"Let me do it." Molly offered to help, putting the feeding bottles on the table. Seeing him so unlike the man she had been familiar with, Molly couldn't bear seeing her husband doing such an uncomfortable task. Knowing him by heart, she knew there was nothing that he was not able to do in the world. However, it turned out that he was not able to get the point of changing diapers for his babies, which was the easiest and simplest thing she had known.

"No. I can do it." Brian refused. Not wanting to give up, he set himself against Charlie. Brian was determined to change his son's diaper successfully even if it would drain all of his patience away. However, the little baby seemed to be on bad terms with him. Charlie kept on kicking his chubby legs in the air instead of cooperating with his father.

While he was crying, little Evelyn who was just in the crib beside him cried even harder, as if she was infected by her brother.

Determined to console her baby girl, Molly despite being annoyed, wa

At the mention of Wing's name, Molly withdrew her sight from the children to look at Shirley. "Mom, how is Wing recently?" she asked.

With a happy smile from her heart, Shirley answered, "She is now in Egypt together with Weston." Finishing her sentence, her brows furrowed a little. Then she continued, "Weston said that he wanted to take her to travel around the world, so as to leave no regrets when they grow old. Even if one of them might leave one day, at least the other one would have something to recall instead of feeling empty. The two of them are not the usual couple who would only think about having a child and making a happy home."

Her voice sounded sentimental yet hopeful, the one that went directly to the hearts of people who heard it. Hearing that, Richie's eyes turned dark, as he was sitting by the other side of Shirley. Frank and Smart looked at each other at the same time. None of them continued the topic. However, on the contrary, there was a big smile on Hawk's face. He was walking into the hall, when he saw Shirley.

Running his eyes inside the hall, Hawk looked at the children who were in the grabbing test ceremony aside, then walked towards the adults who were sitting on the sofa. He was holding an envelope in one of his hands.

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