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   Chapter 902 Extra Story 46 Of Aaron Perturbed

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7001

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"Hmm?" Ximena was feeling a bit perplexed.

"His Highness asked--" casting an overall look, the housekeeper said nonchalantly, "if Miss Mo could change into something simple yet elegant." As he finished speaking, he nodded gently, turned on his heels and left the room.

Ximena arched her brows anxiously. She tilted her head to look out of the window as she brooded over the remark of the housekeeper. The foggy sky looked quite sad and bleak, as though it whimpered in its unbearable sorrow.

Suddenly, Ximena's eyes widened intently. She didn't know whether her guess was right or not, but she thought it must be that.

She turned around and headed for the dressing room. She fished out a tight black dress that reached her knees, picked out a pair of high black boots, took off her earrings, and replaced them with a pair of black elegant crystal ones. Ximena looked beautiful in her complete black attire. Despite the loss of her normal charming bright aura, she now looked like a black rose, radiating in a place of gloom. This made others unable to focus at times on the seriousness, battling to tear their eyes from her. She was a very alluring woman, as bees were to honey, or a thorn bird to his mate in a thorn tree.

As she paced downstairs, Ximena saw the back of Aaron, who was standing in front of the French windows looking outwards. Suddenly, she wanted to rush over to him and hug him on a whim. This man she watched, didn't live his childhood in the way she did, but it was as heartbreaking as hers. Hers was better in her memory; she never knew who her parents were, so she had no feelings for them, neither love nor hatred. But his childhood was one that filled with sufferings.

When Ximena eventually came downstairs, she saw Aaron slowly turn back to face her. She smiled, raised one eyebrow and said defiantly, "What do you want?"

"I want to take you somewhere." Aaron had a slight grin lingering around his mouth. The kind of smile that looked strained." I also have something to tell you."

Ximena gazed deeply into his eyes; her heart launched inexplicabl

g for his father's love and acceptance but was too proud to admit it, such was Aaron. "If not, how could you have said those ruthless words but spared them in the end? And you couldn't bear to let them die, at the last moment?"

"Alas!" Aaron suddenly came to a halt. He gazed at Ximena, his sharp eyes a bit evasive, but his mouth still said stubbornly, "You, woman, you just have to go to the extreme lengths to argue with me, don't you?"

Ximena gave a foxy smile and replied cool and confident, "That's because I always have a point." After the words left her mouth, she gasped within at the flippant way she had spoken without considering her words. She turned around immediately and continued to climb up the stairs, confused at her bold actions. 'Have I become spoilt from all the pampering he has indulgence me in? I have totally forgotten his status.' 'Or have I become the same as he is? Unwilling to think of the bad things and only wanting to focus on those I'd like to keep?'

Aaron watched Ximena as she climbed the stairs. All of a sudden, something clicked in his head, and he quickly caught up to her.

The umbrella appeared over Ximena's head. She stopped unintentionally. A shred of peculiar light flashed as she looked up, but it was blocked by the umbrella. She then stared up over the umbrella, and then battered her eyes at Aaron, gradually losing all thought.


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