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   Chapter 901 Extra Story 45 Of Aaron Perturbed

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6471

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[A Report coming from our correspondent: Since the Leng's Corporations were handed to Aaron, the first son of the Leng family, the total assets of the corporations have spiked prolifically in the past month. As part of the current economy of QY Island, where Leng's Corporations has played an important part, it has become promising lately, previous to the takeover it was registering at an annual increase of 3% and has now grown extensively to three times that in the first month. According to professional economists, at the end of this financial year, Leng's Corporations will truly become a support pillar to the economy of QY Island. The entire island will be at the mercy of the Leng's Corporations, as they could perish or flourish at the situation of where the corporation finds itself. ]

Aldrich was propped up on pillows in his sickbed, watching the news on television. His weathered face was brimming with satisfaction.

James peeled an apple, cutting it into small chunks, then placed them on a plate and handed it to him. With a faint smile playing around his mouth, he said, "Dad, you're bold."

Aldrich took the plated fruit and let out a few hearty laughs. He replied contentedly, "Like father like son. Aren't you rather bold too?" He heaved a small sigh and went on as if complaining, "Well, how can I put it into words. I'm betting on my own life, while you are betting on me as well."

James was smiling faintly. He had always been a none materialistic person holding loosely onto the things of this earth, now he seemed even more detached to those worldly possessions. Staring at Aldrich seriously, he said, "You have certainly foreseen I could do it. It has all been planned out from the day I had that accident until now."

Everyone wanted someone to fully understand what he did. And without any form of explanation, James had understood Aldrich. That was why he was beaming with happiness at this moment.

ed as constantly provoking her and sitting by her while they did their business's, she supposed.

Ximena looked down and smiled. Her hand caressing her abdomen. A sense of belonging, she felt at home now content and her heart felt different without any reason.

'If-' She was just speculating.

Ximena pressed her lips into a line and intensified her eyes. 'If I tell Aaron this is his baby, regardless of what he asserted, would he want to have a family, as I do?'

At that thought, her eyes grew rather expectant. She continued to ignore the unavoidable, neglecting the problem at hand. Deep down in her heart, she was eager to keep this child and live a fairy-tale ending. To create a family with him, would be wonderful.

However, even though this man had won her heart, he made her too intimidated to ask for his care. She was afraid that if she asked, she would lose them both, a man she cared so much for and the baby in her womb.

"Knock knock."

A knock on the door broke Ximena's train of thought. She turned around and said, "Come in." The door swung open; it was the housekeeper.

"Miss Mo," the housekeeper said with far greater respect than before. He was not merely being polite on the surface but was sincerely respectful. "His Highness is waiting for you."

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