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   Chapter 900 Extra Story 44 Of Aaron Aldrich In Critical Condition

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Hearing her explanation, the doctor chuckled and said, "Well, I'll try not to use any medicine on you. We'll only prescribe nutritious liquids for you." He didn't have a big mouth to tell her that she was already pregnant. 'Living on QY Island, there are certain things that must be thought thoroughly before speaking them out, and since His Highness did not tell her, there must be a reason. Thus, I should not be the nosy one to tell her. If I didn't understand the situation and told her the fact, I might suffer a sticky end, ' the doctor thought secretly while trying his best to act normally.

Hearing the doctor's response Ximena was relieved. She managed to breathe out a deep sigh as one worry was crossed out from her long lists of worries.

"Mrs. Leng, Mrs. Leng--"

The sound of an anxious voice echoed in the sad hallway. The crowd looked at the place where the sound came and saw a nurse running hastily towards them.

With a worried look on her face, Helen, the Mrs. Leng the nurse called just now, slightly trembled, stood up, looked at the nurse earnestly and asked hesitantly, "Is...Is...." Her voice trembled severely out of her control. "Is there… Is there a… a… suitable…. suitable heart for him now?"

The nurse smiled and nodded, as she looked into Helen's increasingly hopeful eyes. She said, "The public hospital of the government just called, saying that a family member of a deceased man was willing to offer a heart donation."

"Well, is that heart compatible? Compatible with Mr. Leng's body?" With her eyes red, Helen was flushed with excitement.

The nurse closed her lips and hesitated. After a while, she said calmly, "It's not clear yet, but it's said that the blood type and the previous hospital tests data of the donor are in good agreement with Mr. Leng, so the chances should be great..."

"Really?" Helen asked earnestly.

"Yes." The nurse nodded with a smile.

Without knowing if she was greatly relieved or too happy, Helen suddenly felt that her legs were so feeble that she was close to collapsing to the ground. Fortunately, Gale detected the situation and quickly held her.

"May, thank you." Gale looked at the nurse and expressed his sincere appreciation.

The nurse b

I do not want my children to suffer the same pain. My child will be born legally under the deep love of his parents. Ximena, how about I give you three months? In three months, you should tell me that you are pregnant. If you take the initiative to tell me, I'll give you a wedding ceremony that no one can match in this century. Yet, if…'

Aaron frowned upon the thought. 'If you don't, we'll simply get a marriage certificate, no grand wedding ceremony at all!'

With his face still blank, Aaron thought in a fit of pique. Then, he was both amused and annoyed by his own thoughts. Taking back his hand and looking down at her, he had never felt relieved as he was before at that moment.

'I don't know when I want to have a baby. I used to have affairs with so many women. They tried every means they could to be pregnant with my baby, but she… She even took the initiative to eat contraceptives in front of me!'

At the thought of it, Aaron was a little irritated. But when he looked up at Ximena's quiet sleeping face, he raised his eyebrows.

Without her knowledge, he secretly sent someone to exchange the contraceptive pills with vitamin C pills. Watching her eager to eat vitamin C every time after she had sex with him, he couldn't help but be in good spirits.

Lowering his head, Aaron leaned slowly and his lips fell gently on Ximena's forehead.

'Ximena, let's try to be together nicely!'

Pressing his lips on her forehead, Aaron sincerely wished in his heart.

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