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   Chapter 899 Extra Story 43 Of Aaron Aldrich In Critical Condition

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7113

Updated: 2019-06-27 07:18

All of a sudden, Aaron's hands froze and the spoon and fork perched limply as they held them firmly. However, after a few seconds, he reached for his wine glass, emptied the wine with one gulp and continued with his meal. It was as if he had entirely no interest with what the butler had just said to him about Aldrich, although Aldrich was his biological father.

Confused, Ximena looked at Aaron, then at the butler and asked earnestly, "What do you mean?"

When the butler had a look at Aaron and saw that he hadn't paid attention to his words or showed any sign of preventing him from talking, he turned towards Ximena and said, "He had an abnormal heart attack and was sent to the hospital in the middle of the night. According to the news from the hospital, since a compatible heart donor for him has not been found yet…," after looking at Aaron, he continued. "So, he is in a dangerous condition now. The doctors estimated that he could not make it after tonight."

"Oh, I see..." Ximena responded at random and did not feel surprised or even sympathized with Aldrich, the old master of the Leng Family as well as the father of Aaron. As Aaron's mind was racing, and the butler heaved a sigh stealthily, she asked abruptly, "Well, That... I don't know if my heart is compatible with him?"

Just at the very moment, Aaron shot a cold glance at her, as cold as ice blade and asked her in a dark and heavy tone, "What? You want to die so desperately?"

"Well, I am not that scared of death," Ximena replied, shrugging her shoulders, wearing an innocent face. "After all, no one can escape from it." She raised a glass of orange juice and took a sip of it. "The man who is about to die will finally end his pain after his death, yet the ones that are still living are the ones who are truly sad for they have to endure as long as they live." Putting down the glass, she looked at Aaron, who was wearing a cloudy face, raised the corners of her red lips and gave him a light smile, full of self-mockery. "But in my case, I am an exception. If I'll be dead, nobody would feel sad for me." Giving a shrug, she continued to

gh to ask for that trouble.' The more she thought about what she has done, the more she was angry with herself. She snorted to herself, 'What does it matter to me if Aldrich is dying? It's not a big difference for me! James has no damn relationship with me anymore. Why should I think for him? And you, you stupid Aaron… Obviously, you are worried about your father Aldrich deep in your heart. But you still pretend you don't give a damn care about him. Why? You fool…'

Furious with her situation, Ximena held her waist gently.

'I had wanted to pretend that I had a strain in my waist, so Aaron would not burst out his anger at me. But who knew I'd really have a strain as soon as I got up? Wow, I'm in great trouble now! I have wished to give me and the baby a chance. But now? Look at all this mess! I regret what I have done. So regretful!

What if Aaron found out that I'm pregnant? What if the doctor used any medicine on me, which has a bad effect on the baby?'

With these complicated thoughts in her mind, Ximena couldn't help but think of her situation in the examination room…

"Well, doctor," Hesitantly Ximena said, looking painfully at the doctor who just came in, "Well, that… can you not use any medicine for me?" Looking at the doctor's weird expression, she cooked up an explanation calmly, "I'd like to have a baby lately. I don't know if I am pregnant now. I haven't checked it yet. So…"

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