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   Chapter 898 Extra Story 42 Of Aaron Rivalry

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Hearing that, Aaron snorted and said in an indifferent tone, "Those words are not in my dictionary." While still speaking, he pulled the chair in front of the dressing table and sat on it. Then he fished a case of cigarette from his pocket. Picking up a cigarette from the case, he placed it between his lips, and then took out a lighter from his pocket. His manly series of actions ran smoothly without stopping.

With her eyes popped at him, Ximena turned her face aside in order to prevent herself from acting out of control.

However, when the flame from the lighter was about to touch the cigarette, Aaron stopped his action abruptly, as if something came to his mind all of a sudden. While his eyes were shining, he closed the lighter and put the cigarette back to the case.

With her eyes closed, Ximena waited for quite a while but didn't smell the smoke of the cigarette as she expected, so she took a peek in slight confusion, only to meet Aaron's eyes, which were quizzical. Feeling guilty inside, she glared at him and then turned her body around. Carelessly, she moved so violently that her sprained muscle was pulled.

"Ouch--" she could not help but cry out.

"You deserve it!"

Aaron exclaimed with a cold and biting snort which cut through her scream. Looking at Ximena, who hurt so much that her whole face wrinkled, a painful expression flashed across Aaron's eyes. However, he didn't do anything to show his care. He only looked at her coldly and remained seated on his chair.

Not wanting to solicit any unwanted pity from Aaron, Ximena didn't make any sound after that scream. She pursed her lips into a straight line and gritted her teeth tightly, enduring silently the stabbing pain searing between her waist and hip. She was so stubborn that she suppressed herself not to cry out of pain in front of Aaron.

Bearing with the pain, she didn't move. She wanted to support her waist and hip with her hands to relieve the pain, but she didn't want to do that with Aaron's presence. Seeing her in such a situation and sensing her agony, Aaron understood what she was thinking. He stood up and sat by the side of the bed. While th

e sat at the dining table. Looking at the dishes served on the table, she frowned and mumbled, "How could there be no spicy dish?"

Munching his food with his eyebrows slightly raised, Aaron took a slight glance at her and said coldly, "You may choose not to eat if you don't like the food!"

Curling her mouth, with a false smile, Ximena said, "Of course I will eat. If I choose not to eat only because of anger, it is I who will be starved. Right?"

Without replying to her, Aaron continued eating. As usual, when the two of them had a meal together, there was no sound on the dining table except for the sound of the utensils against the plate.

Standing aside waiting for their possible need, the butler looked at both Ximena and Aaron at the dining table now and then. He had worked for Aaron for a long time, but he hadn't seen him behave this way. Besides, since they had come back from the hospital today, the atmosphere had become somewhat weird.

While he was confused and wondering what had happened, a servant entered the dining room and told him something by his ear in a low voice. All of a sudden, he frowned and looked at Aaron. After thinking for a while, he decided to relay to him the message and walked towards the dining table and said respectfully, "Your Highness, Mr. Aldrich Leng is terminally ill..."

The butler wasn't able to finish his sentence when Aaron looked up at him and gave him a cold stare.

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