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   Chapter 897 Extra Story 41 Of Aaron Rivalry

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5995

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Lying on the soft floppy bed, Ximena opened her eyes wide. The stabbing pain that emanated from between her waist and hip from time to time made her feel quite uncomfortable.

"Rat-tat!" Somebody was knocking at the door.

Reflectively taking a look at the closed door of the bedroom, Ximena withdrew her sight immediately while saying, "Come in."

A maid pushed the door open and walked into the room, carrying a tray by her hands. On the tray was a piece of Tiramisu and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. The maid made an emphatic smile and said, "Miss Mo, His Highness said he had to deal with something and he would come back home soon. He told us to prepare some appetizers for you to eat before the meal."

Hearing that, Ximena frowned. She was surprised by what she had heard just now. After the maid put the cake and the orange juice on the table beside the bed, she asked in confusion, "Did you say that His Highness is coming back for dinner?"

The maid nodded and answered, "Yes Miss Mo, I heard the butler say that." After answering Ximena's question, she smiled faintly and exited the room with the empty tray in her hand.

As soon as she heard the maid's answer, Ximena's face turned pale and off with color. She was bothered why Aaron was acting so strange today. All this time, he had been cold towards her, as if she should feel deeply grateful for every meal he had together with her. However, judging from the expression on the maid's face, it seemed that he was so eager to come back and have a meal together with her.

When had she become so important to him? Since when was her presence so preeminent?

With the questions running on her mind, and as her eyes blinked lightly, a tinge of worry appeared on her face.

She wondered why Aaron had treated

ice. He stopped his footsteps by the side of the bed. Standing straight, he looked down with his sharp eyes at Ximena, who looked dull at the moment. "Aren't you hungry?" he asked.

Astounded by his greeting, Ximena withdrew her sight slowly from the ceiling to look at Aaron. In a cold tone, she answered, "It just seems so weird..." Trying to confront him, she even sneered slightly at him, not showing inferiority to him. Then she continued, "Previously when you said you would come back for a meal, I had to wait for you as if I was waiting for a king, no matter how late it was and how hungry I was... But what's wrong with you today? Are you not feeling well? You even gave me something to eat before a meal?"

Looking at her, who was obviously confused, Aaron sneered at her secretly and said in an apathetic voice, "Anyhow, you're a patient for the time being. I'm only treating you good for now because you're sick. Don't get used to it."

Opening her mouth, Ximena didn't know what to say. Gradually, a smile appeared on her face, which was not because of happiness but because of anger. "Your Highness is sympathizing with me? Or taking pity on me? Or having compassion for me?"

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