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   Chapter 896 Extra Story 40 Of Aaron Hiding The Fact Of Being Pregnant

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7672

Updated: 2019-06-27 04:15

She spoke with a pitiful, begging look, but in a tough tone. As she was afraid that the shrewd Aaron might find out something, she could only act and attempt not to be doubted by him.

"If you want to go home, then we'll go home," Aaron said indifferently.

Despite his indifferent tone, Ximena felt her violently pounding heart was now beating regularly. Biting her lower lip, she nodded, simply letting Aaron come over and took her in his arms out of the hospital.

Along the way, none of them spoke a word and they were just quiet on their way to the villa. Although Ximena felt a little uncomfortable in her waist, she didn't say anything, just secretly biting her teeth and bearing the pain.

Then, Aaron gave her a cold glance. Finding out that she was trying to bear her pain, he just snorted and waited for her to complain, hearing nothing from her, however, he just drew back his attention to the road. Yet unable to contain his worry, he suddenly stretched out his arm and pulled Ximena towards him. As a result, she leaned on to him due to inertia.

Without a squeezing pressure on her waist and buttocks, she suddenly felt relaxed and looked at Aaron with doubt in her eyes. However, Aaron was avoiding her glance and just looked out of the window.

There was something flowing slowly in her heart, some kind of unspeakable warmth as she sensed Aaron's thoughtful care. Ximena wanted to sit up as she was not used to his care, but she was pressed back by Aaron. In the end, she didn't try to resist his help. After all, leaning on him was much more comfortable than sitting on the seat by herself.

After a while, she was surprised that they arrived at the villa so fast, like within a blink of an eye. She wondered why on ordinary days, that she had always wanted the car to arrive at the villa as fast as it would, but still, it took time. Now, however, Ken drove quite fast or she was just too occupied with Aaron that she didn't notice the time. With the persistent pain, Ximena bit her lips while Aaron frowned and looked at the outside of the window.

After the car came to a stop, Aaron got out of the car first, and Ximena also moved her body and opened the door and stretched out one of her legs. Just as she was about to get up by holding the seat… She was lifted

for so many years, and you have come here to warn me twice for a woman whom you only knew for less than four months?"

Enraged by her courage in speaking up against him, Aaron gently raised the corner of his lips, showing his coldness and ruthlessness, and said directly, "Vivi, don't you understand? As long as I want to, no matter who she is and however long she is with me, she can get the supreme power granted from me. " Looking at Vivi's pale face, he continued coldly, "For now, I want to give Ximena that supreme power, then… she could get it. You know?"

Astonishingly, Vivi looked at Aaron, knowing that the man in front of her would never speak in that way to any other woman.

"Because she's special to me," emphasizing the words for Vivi to hear, Aaron said coldly, seeing through Vivi's mind. "Because she's special to me, remember…. You and Zoey never ever try again to trouble her."

When the threat left his mouth, he cast a deep glance at Vivi, got up and left the house.

On his way back to the villa, Aaron's arm was placed on the armrest randomly, and his eyes fell out of the window. Meanwhile, the memory of Ximena's panicked eyes in the hospital kept flashing in his mind.

The corner of his lips curled up in a cold sneer and his eyes grew deep and dark. 'Ximena, I'd like to wait and see when you will tell me that you are pregnant!' he thought in great curiosity.

Then he let the thoughts drown in his mind as he held his temples, which were now throbbing as he thought about the matter.

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