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   Chapter 894 Extra Story 38 Of Aaron Pregnancy

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6183

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Helen was seated in the waiting room chair and her eyes looked red. "As long as he wakes up, I won't compete against that woman anymore," she murmured, her trembling voice, hinting at a lengthy period of crying as it echoed about the quiet room.

James moved his wheelchair towards her and took her hands in his own. "Mom, dad will be alright. He will definitely make it through," he comforted.

Teary-eyed, Helen sniffed and nodded. She didn't dare to imagine the worst possibilities, fearing that thinking it, would make it come true.


"Miss Mo, this is a limited edition for the new season. The clothes, the accessories, the bag and the shoes are perfectly matched. There is only one set available in each country." The sales assistant laid the goods out in front of Ximena and lifting them one by one spoke about each, "This style really suits you..."

"I'm afraid she's not full enough to wear it," a woman coldly sneered from behind them. Everyone turned to look and found that Zoey and Vivi had walked into the shop.

Zoey glanced at the limited edition outfit, her chin in the air. She arrogantly said, "It suits Vivi more, doesn't it?" Then she gave a snort of contempt after she glanced at Ximena's slim figure, which looked almost boyish and was less curvaceous.

Vivi stared at the set of clothes, which was what she came for today. But to her surprise, Ximena had arrived at the shop earlier than she did. She demanded, "I'll take them. There's no need for me to try them on, just wrap them for me."

"Well..." the sales assistant hesitated and didn't know what to do. She couldn't offend any one of the three women before her, because they all had a black card with the lightning mark of His Highness on it. No matter whom she offended, she would never live an easy life again.

"Actually, I'm not that into them," X

imena and both their expressions changed. They exchanged looks and without speaking quickly left the shop.

After the ambulance arrived, the attendants quickly lifted Ximena onto a gurney and loaded her into the vehicle. The manager also hurriedly climbed into the ambulance.

Ximena was already on the verge of losing consciousness on the way to the hospital, but she instinctively placed her hands over her lower abdomen all the time.

The doors of the emergency room were closed. Waiting anxiously in the corridor, the manager couldn't help letting out a big, sad sigh. How unfortunate he was, coming across these three women today. It seemed that he had totally forgotten how much profit he had made because of them over the years.

The manager anxiously walked back and forth in the corridor and turned to look at the emergency room from time to time. He hesitated whether he should ask someone to inform His Highness.

The doors opened. The manager gave a little start but immediately walked towards the doctor and asked, "How is she? Is there anything seriously wrong?"

"The pregnant woman..."

"What?" Stunned, the manager stared at the doctor and asked in disbelief, "Are you saying that she is pregnant?


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