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   Chapter 892 Extra Story 36 Of Aaron Resentment

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Lying on her side of the soft bed, Ximena placed both her hands under her cheek. Her weak and glazed eyes blinked lightly. Something entrenched in her mind and she could not concentrate.

Sighing slightly, she gave up thinking. Instead, she closed her eyes and forced herself to fall asleep. However, as soon as she closed her eyes, Aaron's sight during that stalemate against her came to her mind. It looked so vivid. The experience haunted her and the thought of it sent shivers down her spine.


She gasped as she was almost mad. She wondered why she kept on thinking about Aaron every day instead of James. Not able to believe herself, she didn't know how this happened.

All of a sudden, she opened her eyes. Like a bear with a sore head, she looked up with her eyes wide open, but her gaze fell on the bathroom! What Aaron and she had done in the bathroom that day came to her mind all at once.


annoyed, Ximena screamed. Then she closed her eyes again, trying her best to prevent herself from thinking of anything.

After a while, it seemed that she succeeded. Due to both physical and mental fatigue, her head became turbid and her thoughts stopped gradually. She had fallen asleep and slumbered into a dream.

In her dream, somebody held her into his arms softly and kept mumbling some words by the side of her ears. That man seemed to have a heavy heart, which made him unprecedentedly confused, hesitant and uneasy. His words sounded soft yet hesitant. He was not sure what to do. He kept mumbling to her ears.

A teardrop spilled over her closed eyes and slid along her face down on the pillow, spreading on the pillowcase immediately. Gradually, Ximena curled herself up feeling cold without a quilt to cover her. She was confused about whether the cold was due to the atmosphere inside the room or was caused by the sadness deep in her heart. Her mind returned back to more than a dozen years ago when she had been fighting against stray dogs and stray cats for food in the dark alleys.

Shivering as tears continued to fall down her eyes, Ximena hugged herself and sobbed all her nightmares away.

In the night, it was quiet in the hospital subordinate to the Leng's Corporations. It was dark everywhere except for the safety light and the dim light at the nurse station.


The sound of the elevator sounded especially loud in the empty corridor. The door of the elevator opened slowly, revealing Aaron's cold face, which did not show any emotion.

He raised his eyes slowly to

spond to the emergency.

At the same time, Aaron arrived at the parking lot. Throwing the thing given by Gale onto the front passenger seat, he started the car, and headed to his villa.

Standing by the side of Ximena's bed and looking down at her, who was curling herself because of her dreadful dream, Aaron wore a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, which he was not aware of. He had been unwilling to see that man because he had been tired after hating or resenting him for so many years.

However, when he had held Ximena in his arms a while ago and talked about the load which had been long on his mind, suddenly he had felt it urgent to have a look at him. Pulling all his strength, he had dragged himself to the hospital and swallowed his pride and hatred. He had had a look at his father, even though he had known he might annoy him to death right away.

Looking at the thing Gale had given him, he threw the thing in his hand to somewhere carelessly, turned around and walked into the bathroom. Soon the sound of water sprinkling from the shower head came through. Standing under the shower head, Aaron let the water flap on his wheat-colored skin. At that moment, he felt unprecedentedly at ease.

After taking the shower, Aaron lifted the quilt beside Ximena and slid into the bed in an indifferent manner. Sensing Aaron's presence, Ximena had a mumble out of uneasiness. With a faint smile, he shook his head, stretched his long arms to hold her into his arms.

The night grew deep and the two of them enjoyed each other's warmth drowning all their worries and doubts away. Aaron closed his eyes and breathed in Ximena's sweet scent, with that he felt at peace.

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