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   Chapter 891 Extra Story 35 Of Aaron Resentment

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With awkward stares, their lowly eyes met. Ximena looked at Aaron without any emotion on her face and Aaron did the same. After a while, she withdrew her gaze and went on doing what she had been doing.

Squinting his sharp eyes slightly, Aaron withdrew his gaze too while taking huge steps to walk out of the room. Seeing the scene in front of him, Ken could not help but pull his mouth to silence. Confused by the weird and cold atmosphere in the villa this past couple of days, he wondered what had happened between the two.

Meanwhile, outside at the gate of the villa, Gale leaned against his car in a casual manner with his arms crossed over his chest. His eyes lowered slightly, so nobody could guess what he was thinking. When Aaron was within feet away from the gate, Gale raised his head, as if their brains were connected in telepathy. There must be an unknown connection between himself and his half-brother, that he would know when he would arrive without seeing it with his eyes. With a smile at the corners of his mouth, he slowly stood straight.

"I almost thought you wouldn't come out, but, thanks finally you do," teasing his brother, Gale said in a somewhat evil voice. He was with his usual good mood. With hasty steps, Aaron opened the gate and went out to face Gale. His mood, however, was not as gay as Gale's.

Looking at his half-brother, Aaron said in a cold tone, "I don't care whether he is alive or dead. That has nothing to do with me. If you're coming for his sake, I think you can go back now."

"But dad wants to see you." The happy face Gale had worn was replaced with anxiousness. With his brows crossed, Gale said urgently, "Aaron, perhaps this would be the last time he sees you."

"It's none of my business," Aaron said in a colder voice. He was on the verge of shouting. "Don't forget that I will be the one who most wants him to die. I'll be happy to know that he's dying and I can't wait to see that happen." Aaron's eyes were in a rage and seemed to be full of hatred as he uttered the hair-raising words.

"Aaron," Gale reprimanded, whose face looked a bit solemn. "If you have just seen the invitation card, you should have known that in fact, dad has wanted to formally admit you as his son a long time ago..."

"Will there be any difference? The fact is that he didn't and he would never do," extremely vexed, Aaron interrupted him and looked at him with his gloomy and cruel stare. "Does he think that I will forgive him as long as he accepts me as his son?"

Hearing that, Gale sighed deeply. Then he

ut the car window. The haze that hung low in the sky that had been lasting for several consecutive days was fading away. The blue sky appeared now and then behind the thick clouds, bringing a promise that everything would be fine. James lingered his sight at the view, on his mind ran a hundred thoughts. Despite all that, he knew that everything would be fine for him, for his father, for his brothers, and for the Leng's Corporations. Aaron would not be a threat to them.

He heaved a deep sigh and thought silently, 'Everything would be okay.'

Inside the villa, Ximena was sitting at the dining table while drinking the fruit juice she had just extracted. Secretly, she was taking a slight glance at Aaron, who was sitting on the sofa, now and then. Since he had come back a moment ago, he had sat there idly. It seemed that he wasn't watching the news on television but was lost in his thoughts.

Pretending to be not minding him, Ximena withdrew her sight and had a sip of the fruit juice. She was so absent-minded that she didn't notice how it tasted. As soon as she realized that the juice was a bit tangy, a smile of self-mockery appeared at the corners of her mouth. Then she put the glass on the dining table and planned to go upstairs to catch up on some sleep.

Since the day that Aaron had taken her to the tube-shaped apartment, she had difficulty falling asleep almost every day. Every time she fell asleep, she would wake up from a nightmare. Strangely, however, when she woke up, she couldn't remember what she had dreamed about. Since then, her biological clock had changed. She always felt sleepy in the daytime and was fully awake from midnight up to the wee hours of the morning.

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