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   Chapter 890 Extra Story 34 Of Aaron Sensation News Plus Mol's Happy Marriage Life

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6230

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He even got control of Leng's Corporations without any effort at all. However, he was not happy about it. He had paid unnecessary attention to James's petty games in the end. Sometimes Aaron thought about things connected with Leng's Corporations. He wonder...Did he want Leng's Corporations? Or would he just want the man to face him and accept him? Maybe to acknowledge what he had done without having his father's clout to back him up, as his other siblings had.

"Your Highness," Ken walked in with an invitation in his hand. Aaron then put it on the table and continued his report, "Gale is waiting for your reply outside," Ken said quickly.

Aaron frowned at the invitation and opened it. The vigorous strokes appeared before him. He could feel the writer expressing emotional feelings with the ups and downs of the strokes from the handwriting. Reading the words in the invitation, Aaron opened his eyes wider and his gaze became sharper and more intense.

Ken had been with Aaron for a long time now and he was one of the few people who knew about Aaron's childhood. He also knew Aaron extremely well. Seeing Aaron's expression, Ken knew that he was absolutely vexed.

Aaron stood up and walked out of the room with the invitation in his hand. When he passed through the living room, Ximena was making tea. The two stared in combat with each other, and neither of them spoke at all.

From that day on, there seemed to be something subtle and secretive between them. They saw each other far more frequently, but both of them tried to ignore each other.

Aaron stopped in his tracks, while Ximena also froze holding a teapot in her hand. They stood in front of each other and gazed into each other's eyes. No one knew what the other was thinking nor the deep secrets that lay in their eyes.

Mol's Happy Marriage Life

When she arrived in XK und

s face became longer while Tony tried hard to hold his laughter, who sat beside him.

Molly paid no attention to his gaze and still immersed herself in the soap. "Oppa Do Min Joon, I'm thirsty...Feed me some water..." Molly divulged herself too far in the story and spoke out her mind, in a sentence.

A glass of water was put beside her hand. Molly heard Brian murmured in a low voice, "Do Min Joon will never serve you a glass of water. Only Brian Long does!"

Molly suddenly realised what was happening. Looking at Brian's long face, Molly had a drink of water and shook her head. "Go and do your work, Brian. Don't interrupt me. I am busy watching my Do Min Joon!"

"..." Brian was speechless. He had a sudden impulse to shut down that guy's named Do Min Joon by using his power.

"Molly Xia!" Brian spoke loudly through gritted teeth.

Molly shook her hand and her eyes still remained on the iPad. "Okay, Sweetheart. I love you the most." Then she gave a drunken expression, "It will be best if I could appear on the TV show as Cheon Song-Yi*, the girlfriend."

(*TN: Leading character.)


It seemed like a lightning bolt hit Brian's head. He almost went nuts feeling as though Molly had completely neglected him.

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