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   Chapter 889 Extra Story 33 Of Aaron Sensation News

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"The mysterious new Executive President of Leng's Corporations is Aldrich's son. That means this once off emergency meeting of shareholders, only made an inside change. The whole economy of the Island should now, not be affected. ..."

The voice coming from the broadcast on the TV became more serious. Suddenly hearing a word, Ximena reacted looking to the TV and frowned.

The reporter didn't say "illegitimate child", but "son".

Ximena looked at Aaron. His lips had curled and the smile now stayed fixed on his face. Ximena felt a cold shiver run down her back.

Suddenly Aaron's cellphone buzzed. He picked it up without looking at the number and put it near to his ear. After the voice from the other end finished talking, he squinted and ran his hand through his dark shiny hair, saying "I don't like a wise-ass."

Then he hung up the call and stood up with a look of indifference on his face. Aaron walked slowly up the stairs deep in thought.

Ximena stared at Aaron leaving, feeling a strange apathy towards this man for no apparent reason. He looked so sad. She couldn't help wanting to reach out and hug him.

Returning from her daydream, she thought for awhile with distant and clenching her teeth saying to herself with disapproval, 'Ximena Mo, you are insane! Does Aaron need sympathy? If you have any sense, you would have no sympathy towards him, because if you do you are cruel and unsympathetic towards yourself.'

Being angry at herself, Ximena bit another strawberry hard. She took the fruit dish and snuggled up onto the couch and went on following the news broadcast. Suddenly, the news shocked her. Her mouth remained open and the fork dropped to the floor from her hand.

Ximena stared at the TV angrily. Her eyes turned red and her face burnt in rage. She quickly ran towards the stairs case, forgetting to put the bowl of fruit down in her hand.

She had also forgotten to follow all the rules in the villa. Ximena reached the top of the staircase, by leaping two stairs at a time. On the third floor at the door of Aaron's study. Without knocking, she flung

hout realising, he seemed to always think about her, even though this woman loved another man deeply.

He wanted to rid himself of these thoughts. He had been dreadfully cruel to her. But in the end, did he honestly feel kind of hurt because she was in pain? Why did he have to feel anything for her. What was happening to him?'

Aaron closed his eyes. He hated himself for being like this. He had hated his mother's feelings for that man. He hated her because of her deep love.

'You are hating her, aren't you ?'

He heard Ximena's words again. Last night, Ximena spoke it out in the car softly. He was so shocked at that moment that he had forgotten to breathe. Aaron abruptly opened his eyes and asked himself, 'How does this woman understand me so well? It's as though she can read my thoughts, predicting my every move.'

He spoke to himself as he was feeling flustered.

For a couple of days now, people in QY Island were inundated with the news of Leng's Corporations. The shocking changes and gossip had spiralled out of control. However, the new Executive President turned out to be Aldrich Leng's son. In the Leng's Corporations still under the control of the Leng family, peace came gradually to the citizens of the island.

Aaron snorted a laugh by himself. 'If James hasn't buckled and given up, I wonder if I would've been able to deliver such a heavy blow towards them?'

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