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   Chapter 888 Extra Story 32 Of Aaron Sensation News

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Ximena's lips started to quiver. She was forced to look up at Aaron, whose eyes evil and full of danger. There was nothing she could do to stop this but stood helpless allowing Aaron to push her against the wall.

This wasn't the first time they were intimate with each other, and that wasn't the worst of it either. But Ximena still wasn't used to his rash insolence. He was not considerate of her feelings, being completely self-centered in his approach. He continually forced the situation, making her feel as though she was his property. Being only interested in satisfying his desires and never waited for her. If there was a thing like consensual rape, this would be it. He forced the intimacy being impatient and disregarded her pain.

Ximena's face turned crimson with embarrassment. Aaron then picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bathroom.


The following day, QY Island was overcast and a grim uninteresting atmosphere loomed. It had rained constantly throughout the night, and even when the rain stopped, the weather was hot and humid, with the thick cloud coverage making it considerably close. Everyone walked like zombies, drained and felt like they were being suffocated.

Even with the weather being tormenting, gossip ran rife through the whole of QY Island, like an exploding bomb about Leng's Corporation's sensational news.

"The latest news flash: Great changes have taken place in the Leng's Corporations. The shareholders of the Corporation called for an emergency meeting. The former Executive President Gale Leng stood down unexpectedly. Immediately, the shares held by the Leng Family are reduced from 40 to 15 percent. The family has become the second largest shareholder. As the news broke out QY Island is shocked to its core. There are already people gathering at the gate of Leng's corporations, requesting an explanation about what has taken place. ..."

"While the senior executives of Leng's Corporations are all refusing to be interviewed, or appear publicly and not leaving a comment. This behaviour has been deemed, as irresponsible to the industry and the whole of the island's economy. Our reporters are trying to contact Mr. Aldrich Leng, the head of Leng Family and another shareholder Helen He. Mr. Aldrich Leng w

erious now. .

Ximena sat at the table having fruit. She cast a glance in Aaron's direction, he often wore a harsh cold expression. This time was no different, showing off a look of indifference. She was wondered what was going on inside his head.

She turned her eyes to the fruit on the table.

When she heard the news about Leng's Corporations from the TV. Ximena said to herself derisively, 'As long as Aaron wants the Corporation under his control, it will be in far better hands than the other's control. Of course, James is probably different.'

Thinking about James, Ximena's heart hurt. She had never thought that her next meeting with James would be with him seated in a wheelchair. He hadn't shown her any recognition or acceptance. To him, she was only a stranger now.

Yes, he seemed estranged to her.

If he had just been cold to her, she could tell herself that it wasn't serious and there was some reason for it. Maybe it was because of his legs. He had been completely ignoring her as though they had no prior relationship. That could only mean he had no feelings for her.

The sweet strawberry turned bitter and unpalatable in her mouth. she swallowed it quickly. However, the bitterness felt like it went into her heart instead.

"According to the anonymous informant, there is some other sensational news that will follow. ..."

Some photos showed on a TV screen. Aaron and Aldrich were standing together in the same photograph. And a report of a DNA examination was also displayed.

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