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   Chapter 887 Extra Story 31 Of Aaron Bluster

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"You dirty snot..." Zoey spat and sniffed coldly.

Ximena heard that, but she pretended that she didn't and just looked away. She just took a step forward, encircling Aaron's wet arm with her own, intending to annoy Vivi and Zoey more. Then she said, "If you plan to go with her, then I guess I will just go alone. But, if you are not going together with her, let's go together. Okay?"

"Aaron..." With teary eyes, Vivi looked at Aaron. She was expecting something from the man. At that moment, the fight between the two women was no longer a matter of their appearances as to who was more pretty, rather it had become a matter of who was more cherished by this man.

Looking at Vivi, Aaron sneered silently and stroked her face softly while answering Ximena in a leisure tone, "Then let's go back together." As soon as his words faded away, Vivi's face became deathly pale. In an indifferent manner, Aaron took his hand away from Vivi's face and turned around without the least hesitation, heading to the car that was parking by the roadside.

"Aaron—" Vivi roared towards Aaron's back.

"It's late. Please give Zoey a ride and send her back," Aaron shouted a request to Vivi without turning his head back. Then without caring about the two women behind him, he walked away in easy steps under the rain, with Ximena's arms entangled with his.

With a triumphant smile, Ximena hadn't turned her head back to enjoy the reactions of the two women who had come to bluster her. When Aaron opened the car door for her she immediately got on the car. While inside the car she took a sideways glance at them. In the dim light, she could see that Vivi was clenching her hands tightly into fists and glaring at her in hatred, while the face of the woman by her side was covered by frustration and disdain.

Seated comfortably inside the car, Ximena turned her head slightly away from them when the sound of car door closing came to her ears. Other people's humiliation could not affect her at all. She had been looked down with all kinds of stares and indifferent glances since her childhood. It was a trivial matter that Vivi and Zoey were not worth her attention. They meant nothing to her.

She looked at Aaron, who turned the car around to get inside. It was not until he got on the c

arrangements, she thought it might not be better to have parents. All of a sudden, she felt grateful and thought that she was far luckier than Aaron. Having had a mother and a father, he still hated them deeply and held a grudge against them.

The car sped like a streak of lightning in the rain, gradually leaving the colorful neon lights far behind. The quietness and darkness outside enveloped the car like a devil, symbolizing their dark lives and sad hearts.

When the car stopped in the villa, Aaron and Ximena got off the car. Before Ximena was able to realize what he was going to do, Aaron grasped her wrist and pulled her towards the house.

Dragged by him, Ximena could not help but stagger in unsteady steps. However, she followed him hastily, without saying a word, even though her wrist hurt in his tight grip.

Without taking a pause for even a second, Aaron tugged her straight towards her bedroom on the second floor. After opening the door and entering the bedroom, he still didn't seem to stop his footsteps. Instead, he headed straight to the bathroom, with Ximena in his grasp. As soon as he opened the door of the bathroom, he released his grip on her wrist and thrust her inside.

"Ouch!" Being pushed carelessly, Ximena was thrown so violently that she crashed to the wall inside the bathroom. Frowning, she looked at Aaron with a pair of questioning eyes.

Looking at her with his deep and distant sight, Aaron said, "Didn't you say earlier that you wanted to have a bath together with me?"

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