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   Chapter 886 Extra Story 30 Of Aaron Bluster

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7518

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Raindrops fell lightly on two bright-colored umbrellas, creating a rhythmic sound that was quite pleasant to the ears. Under the umbrellas, Vivi and Zoey looked tidy and noble. In contrast to the two of them, Ximena looked rather disheveled at that moment. Without anything to shelter her from the rain and with the muddy water smudged by the cars, she was just like a drowned mouse, damp and shivering. Despite the expensive tailor-made clothes she wore, one would feel sorry at the sight of her at that moment.

However, she didn't mind and did not even consider herself as inferior to the two women in front of her. They were obviously no good leveled to her. Without the least care about her own awful appearance, she even raised her chin slightly and looked coldly at Vivi. The lass, on the other hand, pretended to be an innocent girl but was in fact treacherous. One could figure out her nature and character at first glance. As for Ximena, she had seen enough of such kind of women. In a plain tone, she said, "If you're coming to warn me or something like that, I'm afraid you're targeting the wrong person because it is not me who has the right to make decisions. If you come to tell me not to fall in love with Aaron, I have nothing to say either, because sometimes a man and a woman can get together even without love. Of course..." she paused, creating suspense. Seeing the changing expressions on Vivi's face, she sneered at her and continued, "If you plan to give me a check with an extremely large amount of money and tell me that it is time for me to stop acting as Aaron's plaything, I'm willing to think about it." Ximena whispered with a coquettish smile on her face.

Red with fury, Vivi snarled, "You're really shameless," Vexed as she was, her face kept changing colors like a color palette, while a tinge of cruelty could be seen deep in her clear eyes.

"Yes, I am shameless," lifting her chin a little higher, Ximena said with raised eyebrows. She didn't care about Vivi's abuse after all. Looking at her with her sarcastic eyes, she scoffed at her, "But aren't we just the same? Aren't you shameless too? If you are such a shy little lady and care about your reputation, you should not have followed Aaron and caused me

his head sideways slightly, his face looked indifferent thus she was not able to guess what he was thinking. After taking a pause, he continued, "Don't cry. Okay?"

Hearing what he had said, Vivi looked at him in a daze, locking tears which were about to spill over in her eyes. She just stood still and expressionless as if she was hypnotized by Aaron. She felt like she was suffocated as if she was wandering at the edge of death.

By her side, Zoey curled her mouth. She wanted to say something, but finally, she didn't dare to do so. Instead, she only took a glare at Ximena with her eyes filled with rage.

Responding to their unfriendly stares, Ximena smirked at both of them silently. Nothing in the scene that was unfolding in front of her could affect her. Experiencing a complicated life from childhood till now, she had seen all kinds of people and been used to their differences. Nonetheless, she had seen and met a lot of pretenders to be innocent women who were just like Vivi. Thus she already knew how to handle her the moment she struck.

"Aaron, can we leave now?" Intentionally, Ximena acted coquettishly in an unnatural way. "I feel chilly here. I want to go back as soon as possible and have a bath together with you."

Hearing that, Vivi's face turned pale all of a sudden. She knew that Aaron had been surrounded by women and he hadn't resisted sleeping with one of them now and then, but now being provoked by a woman face to face was quite another slap in the face.

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