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   Chapter 884 Extra Story 28 Of Aaron Love Rivals

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James looked at the painful expression on Ximena's face and frowned. He cast his eyes towards Aaron and said, "Your Highness, is there a need for you to treat your woman like this?"

His voice sounded gentle, but there was a dignified contour to his words.

Tiny beads of sweat appeared on Ximena's forehead caused by the unbearable pain she felt from Aaron's tight grip on her wrist, but she kept silent, clenching her teeth to keep her from uttering a noise.

"Well, perhaps, the second young master of the Leng family shouldn't meddle in matters that do not concern him," Aaron sneered contemptuously, pulling at Ximena's wrist as he turned around to leave.

"I'm sorry, but actually, I'm the third son in our family," James corrected him, in neither a hostile nor a friendly tone, "I still have another brother who is older than Gale!"

All of sudden, Aaron turned, shooting his sharp and cold glance straight into the eyes of James, his face shrouded in a thick cloud of hostility.

James, however, did not shy away from Aaron's intimidation. Instead, he looked at him with a faint smile tugging at his lips and said, "Your Highness, if you do happen to chance upon my older brother, please kindly deliver a message to him for me. Tell him that we three brothers are hosting a dinner party at LW Hotel three days from now, and we sincerely hope that he will grace us with his presence at the party then."

Aaron squinted his eyes at James for a while, trying to read the thoughts hidden behind his eyes, but he failed. After a while, he answered, "I am afraid he wouldn't appreciate dining at the same table with members of the Leng family. He hates those people who surrender and back off from a war without even a fight." Then he scoffed with complete disgust. His eyes locked in a disdainful stare, before he turned away to leave, yanking Ximena's arm behind him, disregarding the pain he was subjecting her to.

"My brothers and I will wait for his presence three days from now," James muttered under his breath, looking at their backs.

Aaron strode out of the

eir way, but even so, the driver in the black car didn't budge an inch.

"I am not a big fan of this weather," Aaron said suddenly, breaking the ice between them, his sullen eyes much like an endless depth of ink, sorrow, and pain. "I heard that I was born on a cold and rainy day."

Ximena ignored him as she was still crying hard. She didn't want to break down like that in front of him, but she just couldn't help it.

"At the beginning of mom's irregular labor pains, the man received a phone call and left immediately, without a word..." Aaron's flat voice seemed to be telling a story. "I don't know whether he didn't notice how much of a pain she was in, or maybe he never really cared about her, but he left her without even saying a word to her. Fortunately, our neighbour was there to take mom to a nearby hospital... They told me that the moment I opened my eyes into this world, the drizzle suddenly became heavy rain, and the bitter cold wind swept away the withered leaves from the trees of QY Island."

Ximena choked up and sniffled, turning her head sideways at Aaron…

Although the rain fell on both of them indiscriminately, he didn't look as messy and desperate as she did. He still had his usual cold, condescending look on his face, and even though his meticulously combed hair was soaking wet, there was not a single trace of helplessness on his disposition.

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