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   Chapter 883 Extra Story 27 Of Aaron The Dream

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Ximena's lips curled upon hearing him and she answered with clenched teeth, "Absolutely. What a pleasure it is to see His Highness of the QY Island the moment I open my eyes." She reached out her arms to wrap around Aaron's neck, "I'm honored to be awakened by Your Highness' kiss. Am I the first one to enjoy such an honor?"

A cold smile appeared on Aaron's lips. He broke loose from Ximena's hug and stood up. Ximena sat up from the sofa as well, glaring at Aaron like an annoyed lioness as he stared back at her with a freezing gaze.

"Let's go." He turned to walk towards the door.

"Where?" Ximena stared at his back and asked with a trace of anger in her tone.

"Aren't you hungry?"

Ximena frowned, confused by his words. Suddenly, she realized what he meant. She stood up from the sofa and asked while still keeping her eyes on his back, "You mean the message? I sent it to you while it was just getting dark. What's the problem with you, Aaron?" She asked while casting a look at the floor clock, "It's almost eleven o'clock! What are we going for? Dinner or some midnight snack?"

Ximena grumbled, but still tidied herself up and slipped into Aaron's car. Since His Highness was in a bright mood to take her out for dining, she wanted to make him feel satisfied by giving him some proactive responses.

Ken started the car and frowned at Ximena through the rear-view mirror after she stepped into the car. 'His Highness has an important appointment tonight. He is already late because of the unscheduled shareholders meeting. And now, he has to take this woman out for dinner. What about the appointment?' Ken thought, frustrated.

The car fleeted in the rain towards the downtown area, and stopped in front of a Western restaurant which stayed open twenty-four hours a day.

Ken watched Aaron and Ximena walk out of the car. He looked like he was about to say something to Aaron, but he said nothing. He took out his cell phone and dialed a number soon after the both of them had gone into the restaurant.

"Mr. Eric Long," Ken said as the line connecte

ifferent answer? Should I say that I have had enough and that he means nothing to me now?"

Aaron squinted his eyes to observe the expression on her face clearly before uttering in a cold tone, "Ximena, you are useless to me now."

She frowned, confused.

"You're nothing but a tool I needed to deal with James," Aaron said, flashing a charming but deriding smile at her. "I have had many women, and you are one of them. No woman has ever stayed with me more than a week!"

His cold words froze Ximena's heart. Her chest contracted all of a sudden, and her breath was out of control as if something unseen had clutched tightly around her throat. She asked between prolonged pants, "You mean I can leave any time now, Your Highness? Am I free now?"

Silence was Aaron's answer for her.

Ximena's mind was clustered for a moment as so many thoughts and questions were on a loop now. It was impossible for her to tidy them up and regain her composure. She managed a mild smile and said, "Thank you for your mercy, Your Highness." She stood up and walked towards James as soon as she said those words.

She was not in the mood to ask Aaron what had happened. All she wanted now was to ask James about this whole mess. She needed an answer.

"Ow!" Ximena cried out as she felt a sharp pain on her elbow. She turned and saw Aaron's gloomy eyes which were as dark as the night.

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