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   Chapter 882 Extra Story 26 Of Aaron The Dream

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7612

Updated: 2019-06-25 01:03

The air in the luxurious ward of the private hospital owned by the Leng's Corporations was filled with extreme tension.

Helen was lying in bed, staring coldly at her three sons. Over the past years, she had tried her best to fight off Aaron and his mother to win back her husband's heart and the control over Leng's Corporations. She had never imaged, however, that her sons would help her enemies to defeat her.

"Mom," Gale said, "What has happened cannot be changed now."

"Shut up!" Helen yelled, glaring at him. "All of you are stupid and useless! You sold your shares to Aaron! Do you know what this would mean for the Leng family?" She gasped as she yelled. She was going out of breath.

Ted leaned against the wall with his arms across his chest. He had retained his posture and had kept his silence ever since they had stepped inside. His only response to his mother's yelling was a nonchalant sigh.

James shook his head helplessly and spoke in a low voice, "Mom, it is clear that the current situation is the best we can hope for."

"This is the best you can hope for?!" Helen grew more enraged at her son's words. Her eyes spit furious fire as she looked at him and roared, "You have become timid ever since your accident, James. Where's your former ambition? All you are capable of doing is growing your little flowers and plants. How could you possibly lead a comfortable life like that without financial support from the Leng's Corporation?"

"Mom!" Ted shouted in anger hearing her words. The furious expression on his face was exactly the same as James'. The twins resembled each other so much. "Do you really think that you had nothing to do with James' accident? Let me make this very clear to you. James doesn't need any financial support from Leng's Corporations or the Leng family. Gale and I will always be there for him. We're brothers!"

Helen stared at her youngest son with her eyes wide open in astonishment. His words were completely beyond her expectations. She murmured like a puppet, "Are you blaming me for James' misfortune? Is this how you treat your mother?"

"Hmph!" Ted sniffed and continued, "Are you still planning to make James carry my name and live in my shadow for the rest of his life, Mom? I'm not James, I'm Ted! I ca

o observe her face more clearly. He reached out his hand and slowly tucked behind her ear a strand of her hair which had fallen onto her forehead. He bent down further and his lips touched hers gently.

It was a soft kiss with a trace of loneliness in it. A cord vibrated as soon as their lips touched, and the coldness in his heart collapsed. Ximena's defiance and fearlessness startled him and even provoked his admiration towards her. The things she had spoken before him were secrets he had kept hidden deep in his heart. She was either too naive or too brave to say such things in front of him. Didn't she understand what the consequence might be if she defied him? Aaron wondered what kind of woman she was to be so daring.

Even though she was fully aware of his purposes, why had she begged his mercy for those kids? He had only wanted to get the information he wanted from their parents by threatening to hurt their kids, but he would have done nothing to those kids in the end.

She was too naive to understand this sophisticated part of life.

In fact, he would have kept those kids and trained them to work for him rather than hurt or kill them. They had much potential. That was how he thought of it.

"Hm..." Ximena moaned again before opening her eyes slowly. She blinked her sleepy eyes, and closed it again.

The lovely expression brought a glint of a vague smile in the bottom of Aaron's eyes. He slowly moved his hand away from Ximena's forehead and said, "Having a nice dream, are you?"

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