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   Chapter 881 Mol's Sweet Marriage Life (Part Two)

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"Rat-tat." Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," Brian answered. As the doorknob was rotated, Tony walked into the office.

"Mr. Brian Long," Tony said, "Mrs. Molly Long called me a moment ago, asking if you have time to have lunch together with her."

With a tiny smile on his lips, Brian was about to say something when Tony continued, "Mrs. Molly Long said that if you are free, you can meet her at the fast food restaurant on the opposite side of the road. She would be there in half an hour."

Brian couldn't have been more happy to hear that. After Tony left his office, Brian stood up and went to the dressing room to get changed.


Sitting at a table next to the window of the fast food restaurant, Molly tiled her head, carefully looking at her masterpiece in her right hand. Looking forward to what would happen next with excitement, her face had the look of an extremely satisfied woman.

"Why are you so happy?" Brian asked, as he pulled up the chair across her.

Startled by Brian's sudden emergence, Molly told herself to calm down. She scrambled in her mind to give him a reason. "Well, we haven't had the chance to have a meal together for a whole week, so when Tony told me that you were going to meet me for lunch, it made me very happy."

"Really?" Brian giggled, rolling his eagle-like sharp eyes. When his gaze fell on Molly's right hand, which was under the table, he took a slight frown and asked, "What's wrong with your hand?"

"What? Well... It's nothing." Molly tried to conceal her expectation with a smile. Now that he had noticed her right hand, it was her turn to put on the play.

Brian's eyes, which were fixated on Molly, grew a shade darker. Biting her lower lip, she said, "I accidentally sprained it." When she noticed the displeasure on Brian's face, she rushed to ease his concern and explained, "I went to the doctor. He said it's nothing serious."

Brian knitted his eyebrows and pursed his lips, clearly revealing his concern. Molly became restless, wondering if Brian had seen through her trick. Lowering her eyes to conceal the flurry in her heart, she paused to think for a moment. While raising her head again, she blurted, "Bri, I'm hungry."

Brian sighed, clearly still displeased. On one hand, he was annoyed with her carelessness; on the other, he cared about her too much to be angry at her. "Sit tight, I'm going to fetch us something to eat."

"Hmm," Molly answered. A smile played on her face immediately.

Brian walked over to the counter with two trays in his hand. After a while, he came back with all of Molly's favourite dishes. He slowly placed the dishes in front of her and said, "After lunch, I am going to take you to the doctor..."

"What? That's not necess

distracted by her worries to notice that the bandage on her hand was coming off.

If only she could dig a hole on the ground and bury her head in it. She realized she wasn't good at playing games and the best thing for her to do right now was to leave with whatever dignity she had left.

Looking at Molly with a smug smirk on his face, Brian picked up her cotton-padded coat from the backrest of the chair and helped her put it on. He leaned in next to her ears and whispered, "If you really can't move your hand, I will feed you until you've had enough." He paused, waiting for her to come clean. When he realized that wasn't going to happen, he sighed and continued, "Please don't ever pretend to be injured, you know I get worried about you. Okay? Mol?"


"Hush!" Brian looked at her with eyebrows raised, this time he gave her a sweet smile to relieve her senses. After removing the remaining bandage from Molly's right hand, he took her hand and walked out of the fast food restaurant. Standing outside the restaurant, he said, "You didn't eat anything. Let's have something to eat at a quiet place. I will accompany you to go to the hospital in the afternoon."

"Don't you have work to do?" Molly asked.

Brian didn't answer. He opened the car door, hinting at her to get inside. When Molly was getting inside, he answered, "I've just finished settling something. I've got some free time now. I think work can wait while I accompany my wife and our baby to go see the doctor."

Molly felt her heart melt in an instant. Sitting on the front passenger seat and watching Brian get in the car brought a big grin to her face. 'The downside to marrying a smart husband is that you can never fool him, but the good thing is that he will always be the first to figure out what you are thinking, ' she thought to herself.


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