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   Chapter 880 Mol's Sweet Marriage Life (Part One)

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The morning sunlight pierced through the clouds spreading its warm rays all over A City. The crystal snowflakes dazzled, reflecting the light from the sun. The snow on the tree branches was blown down by a gust of wind, dancing leisurely in the first rays of the morning sun.

Molly was still in bed lost in deep sleep. The faint smile at the corners of her mouth indicated that she might have been in a sweet dream. Having noticed that, Brian, who had just woken up, stood by the side of the bed with a satisfied smile on his lips. Careful not to disturb her sleep, he leaned down to give her a soft kiss on the forehead and then tip-toed out of the bedroom as quietly as he could.

"Mr. Brian Long." Tony walked to him as soon as he saw him come downstairs. "We have a problem over there."

Having heard the bad news, Brian glanced at Tony with furrowed eyebrows, and walked out as he put on his windbreaker. "Notify everyone about a video conference in a bit," he ordered.

"Yes," Tony answered, following Brian out of the villa in a hurry.

Later that morning, stronger rays of sunlight fell slanting through the windowpanes, casting squares onto the glossy stone floor. With an almost inaudible mumble, Molly woke up for her slumber.

Slowly glancing over to the other side of the bed with drowsy eyes, she found that her partner wasn't there. Touching his pillow with her hand, the absence of warmth told her that Brian had been gone for at least quite a while.

She sat up, leaning against the headboard and looked at the time. "It's half past nine o'clock..." she mumbled to herself, feeling a little disappointed. Perhaps because of what had happened last night, its actuality felt like an incredible fairy tale, giving rise to more suspicions that she must have been dreaming since she couldn't find Brian by her side the moment she opened her eyes.

Disappointed, Molly frowned and breathed a deep sigh. Suddenly, a melodious violin solo, her cellphone ringtone, interrupted her sad thoughts...

Looking at the number and name displayed on the screen of her cellphone, her eyes lit up all of a sudden. Hastily, she picked up the phone, "Bri?"

"Sorry to interrupt your sleep," Brian's voice came through the other side of the phone.

"No, it's okay," Molly smiled, "I just woke up."

"Why don't you sleep some more? You got to bed so late last night," Brian said in a soft and affectionate voice.

"I didn't see you when I opened my eyes, so I assumed that last night was just a dream," Molly mumbled in a mischievous tone. "So, I couldn't fall asleep again."

"I'm sorry,"


"Hmm," the woman was so moved that she sniffed. "Darling, I love you so much!"

Looking at the intimate husband and wife who were showering each other with love and affection, Molly's grip on her cellphone tightened, while a myriad of emotions swirled in her mind at the same time. She admired and envied them altogether.

Slowly withdrawing her intrusive stare from the couple, Molly grumbled to herself. Looking at the cellphone in her hands, she sighed in resignation and disappointment. "Huh! You said you would always keep me by your side. You said you would come back home to have supper with me everyday. You said you would have meals on time... It turns out that you've kept none of your words."

The sugared talk between the couple at the table next to hers kept coming to her ears. Gradually, Molly's appreciation changed into annoyance. Curling her lips, she watched as the man fed the woman cake and milk tea endlessly. Suddenly, she thought she couldn't be more disgusted by them.

Silently she groaned in her heart and turned her head away to avoid seeing them.


Mornings were usually the slow hours for a casino, and this was true of the Grand Night Casino. Only a few guests stayed up all night gambling in the hall on the first floor, and it seemed like they had no intentions of leaving anytime soon.

In the general monitoring office on the top floor, Brian turned off the video call, picked up the cup of coffee by his side and took a sip. For the whole past week, he had been dealing with a series of vicious incidents that had happened in the chain branches of Grand Night Casino in several cities. Finally having settled all the problems, he was able to sit back and have a moment of relaxation.

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