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   Chapter 879 Extra Story 25 Of Aaron Under The Leadership Of A New CEO

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 9093

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Looking at the clock on the wall, she noticed that it was past seven.

It was already dark outside. However, Aaron still had not returned. Ximena felt quite bored after a long time waiting, so she turned on the TV. To while away the time, she skipped from channel to channel at random.

"The latest news on the Leng's Corporations, received from insiders familiar with the matter, is that the purpose of the ad hoc shareholders general meeting held today, is not to report on the group's project funding as was initially declared, but rather to select the group's new CEO." The headline also flashed as a caption at the bottom of the screen while the reporter continued speaking.

Ximena, still holding the remote-control in her hand, did not continue skipping past this channel. As she watched the flashing images of the Leng's Corporations building, and footage of the reporters flocking at the entrance of the building, she couldn't help but furrow her brows slightly.

"The stock share held by Leng Family, for the three sons together with Aldrich, their father, accounts for 41 percent of the Leng's Corporations' stock share. This means that the Leng Family has an absolute controlling stake of the group. Meanwhile, the group's senior members of the board of directors have clearly expressed that they will continue to support Aldrich. For the time being, there will be no more suspense for the Leng Family that they will continue to be the bellwether of QY Island!" the reporter finished speaking and images of the Leng Family flashed on the screen.

The "ticking" sound of the rain was growing louder. Ximena did not pay attention to the heavier rain that was now bombarding the glass, but just watched the continuing analysis on the financial channel about the sudden shareholders' meeting held by the Leng's Corporations

"I thought you had said you would be back for dinner…" Ximena murmured to herself in a discontented tone. She alternated between watching the clock from time to time, and then watching some more TV.

As the time slowly passed by, Ximena was growing hungrier. She could even hear the groaning sound of her own stomach. It was protesting her recent neglect of it. Yet, as the housekeeper had specifically notified her, she had no recourse but to wait...

Her mouth salivated at the faint aroma of food wafting from the kitchen. She rubbed her groaning stomach, swallowed sadly, and then resumed watching TV from the couch, where she listened absently to the so-called experts' analysis.


Inside the headquarters of the Leng's Corporations, the ad hoc shareholders' general meeting was still continuing.

The atmosphere in the meeting room was particularly dignified. Excep

members jumped up in concern.

"Mom…" Gale and the false James cried out immediately, rushing to her side.

The continuous wails of the ambulance sirens were particularly noisy as the night continued to drizzle. Reporters outside the entrance of the Leng's Corporations did not know what was going on, so they kept speculating what could possibly have happened, and their imaginations ran wild. The public relations manager of Leng's Corporations was trying to explain the situation.

A black Maybach quietly slid out of the parking lot's side entrance as reporters were blocking the front entrance. The sleek sedan sped off in the rain.

The rain fell in an irregular beat on the roof of the car as it sped along the black roads into the night. The sound was not unlike a wildly passionate heartbeat.

As Aaron studied the reporters through the back window. He saw them digging for clues on the news, harassing employees who tried to exit the building. In their haste for news, they had even thrown away their umbrellas and seemed oblivious to the rain.

"Beep!" came the sound of his phone, indicating that he had received a text message.

He took it out and checked the flashing screen.

'I am so hungry...' The message was from Ximena.

As he read the message, and a smile played faintly on his lips. He then saw that the message had been delivered two hours ago.

"Back to the villa, now," Aaron ordered lightly.

Ken responded yes simply and looked at his master in the rear view mirror, thinking secretly, 'The temporary shareholders' meeting had already delayed an important meeting with the ruler of Dragon Island, who had been waiting for so long!

And now His Highness tells me to return to the villa instead?!' He was really confused but he knew better than to voice his doubts.

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