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   Chapter 878 Extra Story 24 Of Aaron Under The Leadership Of A New CEO

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At the fancy restaurant, Ximena did not have even a single bite of the delicacies placed before her. She was lost in bitter thoughts about the afternoon's events at the tubular apartment building. Despite the fresh aroma of the flowers decorating the table, she could only smell the bloody scent that seemed to have soaked into her mind. The horrors she had witnessed there was pervasive, and when she closed her eyes, she could still see the children being strung up.

"The baked snails are the chef's specialty at this restaurant. They taste pretty good," Aaron said slowly and ignored Ximena's pallid face, as he pointed at the plate in front of her. "Why don't you try it?"

"No, that bloody smell has taken my appetite," Ximena said defiantly, clenching her teeth against the impulse to vomit.

Aaron slightly raised his eyebrows, and discontent showed in his deepening eyes as he said, "Didn't you want me to take you out to dinner?"

"But I didn't say where I wanted to go for dinner!" Ximena managed to squeeze some words past her nausea. She glared huffily at Aaron, fully aware that he had done it on purpose, but she couldn't challenge any of his arrangements. "And what are you going to do to those kids?"

"Hadn't you gone through it too, as a child?" Aaron took his glass, savored a sip of wine, and looked at Ximena with dark eyes. "Then, is it really necessary for you to ask me?" he concluded; his tone mild as if discussing the weather.

"Do you have to do this?" Ximena frowned tightly. "Whatever those adults did, those children had no part in it. Besides, those children are not even their own biological children at all."

The darkest dealing on QY Island was using innocent children to meet the demand of people with abnormal sexual preferences, but one day she would severely punish all those perverts.

"I know what you're thinking; you don't have the right," Aaron said abruptly as if he had figured out what she was thinking at that very moment. He looked at the fervent glow in her angry eyes and shook his head with obvious scorn.

"But, you have!" she responded sharply, gritting her teeth. "Your Highness, you, as the lord of the dark world, have control over the Congress and soon you will take over the Leng's Corporations. As a result, you will undoubtedly become the ruler of QY Island! Therefore, you have the right, if you want it."

"What does it have to do with you?" he asked slowly and deliberately in a flat tone.

'Yeah, what

rainy day, Aaron's mood would not be good.

Looking at the endless drizzle outside, Ximena speculated that his aversion to rainy days could have something to do with his mother. But none of this had anything to do with her.

Since that day at the tubular apartment building, her nights were haunted by nightmares. When he was not around her, she would have nightmares the whole night long. Eventually she would awake with the dawn, tired and strained.

"Knock, knock!" Abruptly a knocking sound interrupted her thoughts.

"Come in." Ximena turned and saw the housekeeper. With a frown, she asked, "Is he not coming back?"

The housekeeper bowed his head respectfully. "His Highness will be back later. He instructed that I inform you to wait for him to have dinner." After that, the housekeeper retreated quietly.

Always, the man was like a monarch who stood high above the masses. When he wanted to see her, he issued orders, and someone would send her a special notice.

Ximena pouted her lips, plagued by the miserable fate of the children back in the tubular apartment building. For now, she was too weak to do anything for them. The only thing she could do right now was to deceive herself that they were being treated well...

Ximena sighed lightly and turned to the dressing room. Aaron didn't like her dressing in casual wear. She had to dress herself up elaborately as long as he was in the villa.

After changing clothes and putting on fresh makeup, she went downstairs. The pleasant smell of food from the kitchen could be detected now. After several days of seldom eating anything due to a poor appetite, she felt quite hungry.

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