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   Chapter 877 Extra Story 23 Of Aaron The Evil

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7160

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Ximena's face went ashen then, and her bloodshot eyes widened to stare ahead like a doll's eyes.

Aaron threw his cigarette away, slowly stood up, and walked up to face Ximena. Raising his chin slightly to look down at her, he grasped her jaw and moved his hand gently to turn her face to him. Then he spoke nastily, "Well, I am really tired of seeing your face."

He flung her aside, and as she hit the floor she picked up a piece of blood-stained glass from the ground. Gritting her teeth she scratched her face without a second thought.


Just as she was about to do real damage to her flawless face, the long black whip struck the hand holding the glass.


She grimaced at the sharp pain, and her hand became feeble, releasing the razor-edged glass, but, even so, she had scratched her cheek. Blood flowed from the cut, bright crimson on her blanched face.

Aaron, with the whip in his hand, looked in annoyance at the blood staining her fair face crimson. He hummed angrily and then asked coldly, "Do you think you can save them by ruining your face?"

Filled with great horror at the monster, she looked at Aaron with sudden anger then. "Your Highness, you brought me here not to punish them, but just to remind me of my own painful past, right?" she said with a sneer. She kept staring at him furiously, as if her eyes could shoot flaming arrows at him. "Due to the fact that you had a miserable and unbearable past, you don't want to see anyone around you were happy in the past..." She began to sob violently as her anger increased then. "Just because I peeped into your past, you're going to dig out my past and parade it in front of me, aren't you?"

His eyes narrowed, gazing at her. Gradually, his gaze became complex with murky intent.

Ximena now stared at Aaron without any fear, and her expression became sarcastic as she challenged, "You dare not face your own unbearable past. Why do you have to force others to face theirs? The past things that happened to us were not supposed to burden and shame us." Looking into his bleak eyes, she continued, "There were so many things that were out of

dly. As beckoning to the man at his side, he then turned and walked out of the tubular apartment building.

Ximena was too weak to walk, so she was carried by two of the torturers and thrown into the back of Aaron's car. While Aaron was driving the car back to the downtown, Ximena was still at a loss due to extreme horror.


Suddenly, the thunderous sound brought Ximena back to her senses. She instinctively curled up in the car, looking like a frightened little white rabbit.

Aaron glanced at her from the rear-view mirror and sniffing coldly, kept driving to the downtown area.

After a while, the car stopped in front of a fancy restaurant. He dragged Ximena from the car and walked her into the luxury restaurant. She blinked her eyes at the sudden brightness and saw splendid decorations all around her. A red carpet stretched from the door. Meanwhile, the fine melody of the violin and piano could be heard, making people in the restaurant feel quiet and calm.

Ximena's face was still pale, but the injury she had on her cheek had been treated. She was seated at a table, and fine, delicate food was placed in front of her. Yet, the mouthwatering scent could not draw her interest at all.

Aaron grabbed a glass of wine, and taking a sip he looked at her slowly before speaking arrogantly, "Ximena, remember! Only when you get a high position, will you be entitled to get whatever you want."

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