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   Chapter 876 Extra Story 22 Of Aaron The Evil

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"Stop!" Aaron snapped abruptly.

Hearing Aaron's order, Ximena stopped after walking a mere two steps. She was breathing heavily and her heartbeat was racing violently.

"I… I'm a little uncomfortable…" she said hesitantly, struggling to make an excuse for leaving. Since she had been with Aaron, she had never felt so cowardly or scared as now. Even the times that she had felt the possibility of death had been great, did not compare to this terrible moment.

Aaron turned slowly, looking at her trembling body, with a cold sneer disfiguring the corners of his mouth. "Oh?" He sniffed and continued indifferently, "If so, there happens to be a doctor inside. He could give you an examination." He gestured at the infamous building in front of them.

"He is just a vet!" Ximena snapped, turning abruptly to glare at Aaron with her bloodshot eyes. She then shrieked, "I don't want to be examined here. I don't want to...."

As Aaron noticed the hysterical expression on her face, he felt a brief flash of a strange emotion. It was a kind of sympathy—a feeling quite unknown to him. But it faded swiftly, before he could even properly register its' presence in his cruel heart.

Ximena looked in horror at the ominous building in front of her. Trembling coldly, her red eyes were about to burst into tears of horror. Her ears ached at the screams which emanated from the place of dread. It was like looking at the doorway to hell as she stood in front of the large entrance.

This place was undoubtedly the cruelest on QY Island, revealing the ugliest part of human nature. Even the police pretended not to know of its existence. If given even the slightest choice, she would never have wanted to come here in all her life.

"Your Highness, please…" Ximena pleaded powerlessly, and she was on the brink of breaking down as the sharp cries from within kept assaulting her ears.

"Let's go," Aaron said flatly, turning to walk inside as if he had not heard her pleas.

Clenching her hands tightly she bit her lips hard in fear and looked at Aaron's back as he walked through the hastily opened door. In the end, she knew that she did not have an

y looked at their children who were being strung up. The children cried out loudly and wailed in fear as their small bodies were tied to ropes and hoisted up. Finally, the parents closed their eyes, and hopelessly knew that they would confess all, otherwise their children would be made to suffer.

This scene was all too familiar to Ximena, who used to be hung up as a child. She had then been so eager for her so-called "parents" to save her, but... they just never did…

"Boo-hoo, boo-hoo..."

the youngest child cried out loud, suddenly interrupting Ximena's thoughts. She looked at him abruptly as her mind went blank. She saw one of the torturers stop in front of the child with a bloody whip in his hand. Instinct took over then.

Rushing forward, she shielded the child behind her back and spoke anxiously to the completely unmoved Aaron, "How can you do this, Your Highness?"

'What a foolish woman I am! How can I bite off more than I can chew? After two months of comfortable life, have I become so overly conceited that I think this highly of myself? This man is the one who will completely rule QY Island one day. I shouldn't challenge him in anything. It is hopeless.' Thousands of thoughts were racing wildly in her mind.

Aaron raised his eyes slightly, looked at her pale face and said slowly, "From the first time you went up to the fourth floor, you should have been well aware of what would happen to you."

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