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   Chapter 875 Extra Story 21 Of Aaron A Dreadful Scene

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 9130

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"I have just decided that I will not only have dinner together with you in the evening but also take you with me in the whole afternoon," with a calm and emotionless voice, Aaron declared. The moment the two of them arrived at where Ken was standing, Aaron unfolded his other hand towards Ken. Immediately Ken knew what Aaron meant. He handed the key to the car to Aaron. Then still with Ximena's hand in his, Aaron walked towards the car. While walking, he ordered Ken, "Go to tell Carter that I'm not going to attend his banquet tonight and that I will host a banquet by myself to serve him some other day."

"Yes, sir," Ken answered respectfully. Looking at the two people who were gradually fading away from his sight, he took a slight frown and then left.

The sea continued to toss its waves with the water kissing the sand on the shore. Aaron drove the car with mirth on his face as he knew that besides him was Ximena with her innocent smile.

"What?" With a voice resembling a shout, Vivi looked at Ken angrily. "Did you say that Aaron isn't coming for dinner tonight?"

"Yes, you heard it right," Ken answered in neither humble nor pushy tone. "His Highness has to deal with something unexpected. He told me to apologize to Mr. Zhuang especially. He said that he will host a banquet by himself to serve you after the 'unexpected thing' is finished."

Carter Zhuang, Vivi's father, was sitting on the sofa and was listening to Ken. The green jade tobacco pipe held in one of his hands was giving out light smoke that was curling upwards. After taking a glance at Vivi, who was glaring at Ken in fury, he said in a calm voice, "I know that the affairs of the Leng Family are about to come to an end. We can have dinner at any time after then. So I'm in no hurry."

"Yes, I understand," without shifting his gaze, Ken said still in neither humble nor pushy tone. "If you have nothing else to ask, please let me say goodbye and take my leave."

With his pipe perched on his mouth, Carter nodded and ordered his butler to see Ken off. After Ken exited the room, Vivi began to complain to her father.

"Daddy." Sitting down his father's side, Vivi angrily scorned, "Aaron must have been entangled by that coquette."

Carter didn't respond to his daughter right away. He took a puff of the tobacco and then slowly puffed the smoke. When Vivi was about to get angry with his silence, he said slowly, "If I remember correctly, that woman has stayed by his side for more than two months."

"Hmm," Vivi answered sulkily. The more she thought about Ximena, the angrier she became. Plus, when the scene she had seen at Aaron's villa when she had gone there together with Zoey came to her mind, the previous pureness o

me atmosphere. She wished she could retreat. She regretted intentionally saying that she wanted to have dinner together with him by the seaside. He knew she had said that on purpose, so he was taking her here. She knew that clearly.

Closing her eyes, she kept swallowing her saliva to put a restraint on her fear. Her breath became a bit heavy. She didn't open her eyes until Aaron's figure was about to disappear from the narrow passage of the tube-shaped apartment. Looking at his fading back, which was far away from her now, she folded her hands into tight fists and gritted her teeth hard, taking her steps forward. With quick and unwanted steps, she strode in order to catch up with Aaron.

As her footsteps neared the tube-shaped apartment, Ximena's heart began beating violently. The sound of her heartbeat was as loud as a drum.


a heartrending shrill came through the gloomy tube-shaped apartment and kept echoing inside the apartment after it was blocked by the wall. Ximena's nerves were attacked by such a sound.

She stood in the middle of the passage, trembling. Looking at Aaron, who was standing at the exit ahead of her, she gritted her teeth hard to create a sound.


another heartrending thrill came through, which sounded more painful and miserable than the one a moment ago.

With her mouth slightly open, Ximena began gasping for air. Turning around in a hurry, she didn't want to stay here for even a moment.

"Stop!" a cold voice came through among the heartrending thrill. It was not too loud, but it contained more pressure that she could not bear.

Feeling weak in her knees, Ximena doubted whether she would run or turn back and face the owner of the voice that demanded her to stop. Cold shivers run down her spine and she shook like a dead leaf in the wind.

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