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   Chapter 874 Extra Story 20 Of Aaron A Dreadful Scene

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7400

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Today was different from Ximena's ordinary days. The usual heavy and sulky day turned out to be a romantic one when Aaron took Ximena to a small restaurant by the seaside. The tables were placed in the open air, so the guests could see the boundless sea whenever they turned their eyes towards it. The sound of seawater flapping the sand beach came through continuously, just like a harmonious sound played by nature's own musical instruments.

"Your Highness," an old woman with a slight hunchback and gray hair said with a smile on her face while delivering a tray of crabs to a table beside Aaron. "These crabs were just caught by my husband this morning. Knowing that you would come today, we have braised them for you."

Hearing what the old woman had said, Aaron didn't say a word. He only nodded still with an apathetic look as he always had. However, it was obvious that his face had been softened a bit.

"My husband is just blanching the shrimps by the kitchen," the old woman continued with a benign look on her face. "You eat the crabs first. I'm going to cook some dishes with the fresh potherbs I just dug in the mountain in the morning."

After saying that, the old woman turned around and left the table before taking a look at Ximena with a smile on her face.

All this time, Ximena didn't say a word or make any sound. She only nodded to the old woman out of politeness as a response to her gaze and smile. When they were left alone, she fixed her eyes on Aaron, who sat down at the table in a cold manner. At that moment, she was confused and had too many questions about him. Most of all, she wondered why he had taken her here and why the old woman seemed so familiar with him.

Then out of the blue, Aaron spoke, breaking the deafening silence. He said, "My mother passed away when I was very young, and nobody has taken care of me since then." He took off his suit jacket and rolled up his sleeves. "But this couple saved their own food for me occasionally. I have been grateful to them for feeding me, without which I would have been starved and left alone and dead eventually."

Hearing what Aaron had said, Ximena took a slight frown and sat down at the table opposite to Aaron.

his deep eyes, he asked again, "What do you want?"

"Me?" Still confused, Ximena stared at Aaron, but she could not tell what he was thinking. His face looked cold, while his sharp eyes were waiting for her answer. She didn't know why he asked her such a question, but she didn't think too much about that. With a faint smile, she answered in a casual manner, "There are so many things that I want, thus I can't list them one by one. For the time being..." Thinking carefully for a while, she took a pause. When a glimmer of sly light flashed across her eyes, she looked at Aaron and continued seriously, "What I want is to have dinner together with you today."

Hearing her answer, Aaron looked at her, and Ximena didn't try to avoid his gaze. She had given that answer on purpose, and he knew that she meant what she just said. Since they knew each other's intention so well, it was unnecessary to hide anything from each other.

"Is that..." not able to finish his sentence, Aaron asked, staring at Ximena with his deep eyes, "what you really want?"

"Yes." Ximena nodded. "It is what I want for now."

Satisfied with her confirmation, Aaron wore a smile on his lips and said, "Okay." As soon as he uttered the word, he stretched his hand to grasp Ximena's, turned around and walked back.

Reflectively, Ximena tried to get rid of his grip, but her hand was grasped tightly by Aaron's. While he was striding, she could not help but stagger to catch up with him.

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