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   Chapter 873 Mol's Sweet Marriage Life (Part Two)

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A light breeze blew through him, bringing the snowflakes in from the trees around him and from the sky above. He imagined what Molly was like at that moment, and the corner of his mouth lifted up unconsciously.

"Mr. Brian Long," said a man in a winter coat as he walked up to Brian, "We have finished most of the arrangements. We will try to handle the rest of it according to your instructions."

Turning his back, Brian looked around and nodded.

The man looked around the place and asked, "Besides, do you need us to help you with those snow-"

"No," interrupted Brian, "I will make them by myself."

A sense of determination swarmed over Brian and a triumphant smile crept over his face. He stood there proud and satisfied with what he had done.

The snow grew heavier after Molly finished dinner. She stood at the window and watched the flying snowflakes in the night light. Her old memories with Brian in snow flashed through her mind, and a warm smile appeared on her face.

Her eyes glittered when something suddenly crossed her mind. She rushed towards her room and got changed.

After a while, she left the house, wrapped in thick clothes. Standing at the door, she suddenly realized that it was already nine o'clock at night, and it would be inconvenient for Tony and John to send her to that place.

Pressing her lips tightly she hesitated at first. Then finally, she glanced at the gates with a reluctant look and decided to return to the house.

"Mrs. Molly Long," Tony's voice came from the side, "Where do you want to go?"

Molly turned to the direction of the voice and saw Tony walking up to her. She said hesitantly, "Tony, you..."

"I just returned from the Grand Night," replied Tony respectfully. He glanced at Molly's hesitant look and smiled secretly as he offered, "If you want to go out, I can drive you to your destination."

Upon hearing his words, Molly immediately nodded her head with eagerness.

After they got into the car, Molly said about a place, and Tony started to drive towards there.

Finally, they arrived at the park where Molly had come with Brian one snowy night. Standing at the gate, Molly felt her heart was filled with happiness. Recalling the blissful memory, she murmured, "It's here! The place where I made my confession to Bri."

Tony looked inside and said with a smile, "I will be just right behind you. You can do as you wish."

Molly looked a bit puzzled but didn't refuse Tony's proposal. A

wmen. One was wearing a tie, while another with an obviously bulging belly was wearing a red scarf. A little snowman wearing a bow tie stood between them.

Tears welled up in Molly's eyes again. She didn't know how to speak out her feelings. She stared forward with her red eyes and curled up her lips. "How did you know that I would come here tonight? What if I didn't come?" she asked.

Brian took one step forward and hugged her from behind. He whispered into her ear, "Because nobody knows you better than me, and I know you will definitely come."

Tears trickled down Molly's cheeks. She tightened her lips to repress her sob.

"Everything here was arranged with the help of my men except the snowmen," said Brian. Staring at the cute snowmen in front of them, he added, "I made them by myself."

He loosened his arms around Molly's waist, and she turned around to face him. He focused his affectionate gaze at her. After a while, he eventually said softly, "I want you to be the happiest woman in this world. Mol, I love you."

With teary eyes, Molly smiled. With Brian at her side, she felt as if her whole world was blossoming into a blessing, and even the cold winter night became bright and warm.

Brian looked deep into her eyes as he slowly lowered his face and pressed his lips against hers. When Molly closed her eyes enjoying the warm kiss, he took out his phone and raised his hand.

With a slight motion of his finger, his phone flashed and snapped the moment in a photo.

The picture captured their happy faces with the three snowmen as their background.

The photograph would be another record of their love story.

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