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   Chapter 872 Mol's Sweet Marriage Life (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8184

Updated: 2019-06-23 06:28

With excitement exuding from her eyes, Molly stopped and stared forward. Then she spotted Brian who was holding a bunch of lily flowers in his hand and smiling passionately at her.

"Bri!" Molly called out in surprise, her eyes glittering with joy. She raised her hand and waved to him out of sheer excitement.

Furrowing his eyebrows, Tony looked at Molly confusedly. He turned around and looked over his shoulder. Narrowing his eyes, all he could see was white. Everything was covered in snow which blurred their visions. Countless snowflakes drifted down from above, and the beauty they poised brought people into a world of fantasies.

However, obviously, no matter how hard Tony would look, there was nobody in front of them except snows. Confused as he was, Tony averted his eyes and looked towards Molly again.

The smile and excitement gradually disappeared from her face. She lingered on and continued staring blankly forward, downcast. Slowly, she began to realize that she had an illusion of Brian. The thought made her more desolate.

Letting out a sigh of disappointment, she turned around and dragged her legs towards the house. Making her way through she turned towards Tony and said, "Tony, it's done here. You can go and have a rest now."

"Okay, Mrs. Molly Long," Tony replied with respect. Before leaving, he couldn't help but stare at her spiritless figure and sigh.

Since the couple got married, it was the first time that Brian had been away from Molly for such a long time. Even though he was sometimes busy with work, he would either take Molly with him or go back home to have dinner with her at night. This time, however, they hadn't seen each other for a week. For this reason, Tony didn't feel strange that Molly would see Brian's illusion in such bad weather. She must have missed him so much. Feeling sorry for her, Tony could do nothing but just look after her as much as his duties required.

Waiting patiently, he watched Molly step into the house and then turned around to leave. Nonetheless, he was stopped in his tracks when his phone rang in his pocket.

Inside the house, Molly took off her coat and threw it into the sofa. Heavily pregnant, she slowly sat down and looked at the flying snowflakes out the window. Pouting angrily, she murmured to herself, "You liar! You said that you would watch the first snow in A City this year with me. Where are you now?" Filled with remorse, she sighed heav

delight and asked, "Are you still busy now?"

With a shrug, Brian looked over his shoulder and replied, "Yes, things haven't been done yet in here."

Letting out a silent sigh, Molly said sulkily with a heavy heart, "Okay, I won't bother you..."

"Don't mind," interrupted Brian, "It's not very urgent."

Sensing that he wanted to talk with her too, Molly's eyes were lit up with happiness. These past few days, she had stopped herself from calling him in order not to distract him from his work. Every day she could hear his voice only at night when Brian gave her a call to say goodnight before going to bed. After their marriage, it was the first time that they had been separated for more than one day, and every moment without him seemed like several years for Molly.

Listening to his deep voice which resembled the sonorous cello music, Molly felt that all of her melancholy was dispelled, and her unhappiness earlier in the day was replaced with sweet feelings of love.

"Don't worry, you will soon be able to see me again," said Brian in a soft voice. The assurance from Brian made her bask even more with excitement.

With eagerness in her voice, Molly asked, "Are you about to finish your work there? When will you come back home?"

With a mysterious smile on his face, Brian didn't answer her question but said, "It's already time for dinner now."

"Oh yes," replied Molly in a dull tone. Knowing that Brian was about to end the call, she reminded with concern, "Remember to have your meals on time."

"Yes, I know. Goodbye," said Brian gently. He held the phone near his ear until Molly hung up.

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