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   Chapter 871 Extra Story 19 Of Aaron The Crazy Kiss Plus Mol’s Sweet Marriage Life

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5982

Updated: 2019-06-23 03:07

Ximena swallowed in horror, gasping for air. She looked at him without blinking, and finally, Aaron's earlier words started to slowly register in her head.

Her eyes widened abruptly and she blinked several times. She asked, "What did you mean by that?"

Aaron was about to light his cigarette, but stopped after hearing her question. His cold eyes suddenly dimmed, but the emotion vanished in a blink.

"Just quite literally what I said,"

he said lightly, revealing none of his hidden emotions. Ximena had no clue why she was suddenly so interested in the gossip, forgetting about the danger she was in just a moment ago.

"You mean..." she swallowed and continued, "His mother and father eloped and had him without any legal formalities?"

Aaron took a drag of his cigarette and blew the smoke out slowly. He nodded indifferently and said, "Yes." He turned slightly to look at Ximena, "She eloped with the man for her ridiculous love even though she had a fiance back then. She followed him for the sake of her love, without minding the dangers of being spurned and gave birth to his baby without any regrets,"

Aaron said in a slow, cold tone. Ximena felt a chill from the bottom of her feet. She nervously looked at him, biting her lips.

"But that man..." A smile appeared on his lips which gradually spread to his eyes. However, it was not the kind of smile that made people instantly happy; it was the kind that could freeze your soul. He continued, "When her child was hospitalized with a high fever, it came to light that he was all set to marry the daughter of a famous entrepreneur. It was also exposed by the paparazzi that the woman was pregnant with his child. According to the hospital records, the day she had conceived the child was..." He slowly leaned towar

oad and to the villa near the lake. Looking out the window, Molly gently put her hands on her round belly, wondering about something that was on her mind.

Suddenly, her eyes brightened and she exclaimed, "Wow! It's snowing!"

The snow began to fall slowly and then gradually increased. The road to the villa looked like it was covered in white confetti which was being dumped from the sky. Molly got out of the car and stood in the snow, as the quiet wind landed the snowflakes easily all over her shoulders and her head. She felt a sweet joy engulfing her. Yet, her heart sank at her husband's absence.

"Wish Bri was here..." Molly said, pouting. She stretched her hand out to catch the snowflakes. As she watched the snow melting in her palms, she felt increasingly at a loss.

She had not been very fond of snow before, but her story with Brian had begun on a snowy night. Every time when she saw snow, it would remind her of their first meeting.

Molly sighed gently, clenched her palms and slowly turned to walk towards the villa. Suddenly, she stood still.

Brian was standing not too far away. He was holding a bunch of lilies, beaming at her, his eyes full of affection.

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