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   Chapter 870 Extra Story 18 Of Aaron The Crazy Kiss Plus Mol’s Sweet Marriage Life

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5952

Updated: 2019-06-23 02:34

Ximena looked at Aaron indifferently. After a moment, she smiled a little and said insensitively, "Illegitimate son or otherwise, it makes no big difference."

"Oh?" Aaron asked lightly, with a sniff.

Ximena sat up straight. Without looking at Aaron, she said slowly, "Either way, he wouldn't officially be named 'Leng', would he?" Saying that, she turned towards Aaron again.

He curled up the corner of his lips slightly and raised his hand to caress Ximena's cheek. After two months of delicate care, her face had become tender, and a little rosy. She was originally pretty and coquettish, and her skin was now delicate and smooth to the touch. Aaron constantly had the impulse to push her down and be on top of her, regardless of the time and place.

"Did you know..." Aaron uttered lightly, his cold voice seemingly coming from a faraway place, "The tongue could cut the throat and you might just get killed by your own words."

Ximena's heart raced, yet she smiled gently. She grabbed his arm, which was caressing her cheek, and then leaned forward to place her red lips onto Aaron's gently.

He frowned slightly, while her eyes filled with laughter. Like a wild cat with a crafty smile, she said playfully, "Oh Aaron, such attractive lips... Could you really bear to sacrifice them?"

Her warm breath hit his face with a sweet smell, and Aaron's eyes gradually became darker and deeper; it was hard to figure out what he was thinking at that moment.

Ken caught a glimpse of their actions quietly through the rearview mirror. He immediately became nervous for Ximena after he saw what she had done. After closely following his master for so many years, he knew clearly that nobody was allowed to behave like that in front of His Highness. Two years ago, when the

dangerously evading an oncoming or surpassing car. Ximena had repeatedly felt that her head had gotten so shockingly close to other cars and then had been evaded swiftly.

She didn't know how long the torture lasted before Aaron finally released her from his tight grip. With a little bloodstain at the corner of his lips, he looked at her with his deep eyes and said slowly, "He..." he paused and squinted a little before continuing, "is an illegitimate child, a child who is not officially recognized."

Ximena gasped, and the wind around her ears had drowned out Aaron's words, but she still managed to catch some.

She was still wearing a blank expression due to the sudden scare and hadn't gotten herself back to reality yet. He smirked as he pulled her back into the car and closed the window.

Ximena sat, gasping. Her face was pale and her breath was heavy. When she thought of what had just happened, it felt as if she had put one foot into the doors of hell for a moment.

Aaron grabbed a tissue and wiped the blood off his lips, revealing a tooth mark where she had bitten him out of fear.

"I like smart women," he said slowly, "But I don't like smarty-pants."

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