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   Chapter 869 Extra Story 17 Of Aaron Gossip

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"Have you heard about what happened?" The hairdresser conditioning Ximena's hair was talking to another girl who was serving another customer. "Rumour has it that the current situation of the Leng's Corporation was caused by internal problems."

Ximena quickly glanced at the hairdresser through the mirror and continued browsing through the fashion magazine with a straight face.

"No, I didn't know that," the girl shrugged, "there are too many versions to that story and I have no idea which one to believe."

The hairdresser raised an arrogant eyebrow. "I just heard about it last night at a party," She paused for a moment and continued, "People have been saying that Aldrich Leng has a bastard son."

"Ah, really?" The girl stared at her with astonishment. "It can't be true! Everyone knows, that," she paused again and continued, "Helen was a sophisticated woman, who would never allow such things to happen."

"More than sophisticated," agreed the hairdresser. They smiled at each other and she continued, "And I heard that the bastard son was actually the son of Aldrich and his true love."

The girl's mouth gaped open in shock and her customer looked at the hairdresser in disbelief as well. Even Ximena's gaze was drawn to her in the mirror.

"But unfortunately, they never got married." The hairdresser shrugged, "Sounds like a soap opera to me."

Keenly observing the chatty hairdressers through the mirror and listening to her gossip, Ximena was gradually lost in her thoughts...

Thunder rolled across the charcoal sky that night. "Boom!" A bolt of white hot lightning broke the utter blackness, cleaving the night in parts, but just for the briefest of moments. The silence in the villa was depressing and stifling.


Ximena looked out the window of her bedroom and saw that the big wind had simply toppled the other woodpile out back and gone away, leaving a heavy downpour rain to follow right after the thunder and lightning.

"Knock! Knock!"

Ximena shot her eyes to the door and said, "Come in."

The steward pushed open the door and stepped in. "Miss Mo, his highness will not be back today. You should have dinner when you want."

"Okay." Ximena followed the steward out and went to the dining room for dinner.

Without Aaron's company, Ximena felt relaxed but it wasn't as enjoyable as she would have expected it to be.

Her eyes glazed over the table full of her favourite food in awe. Shaking her head in self-ridicule, she smiled and muttered, "I wonder what's wrong with me? I thought I couldn't sit at the same table with him, but now I can't seem to find joy without him."

The steward glanced at her and said, "People tend to form new habits after 45 days of regular repetitions. Don't let it surprise you, madam."

Ximena cocked her head to the steward and nodded with a wry smile. Looking at the bountiful dinner spread out in front of her with disappointment, she said, "I have no appetite. Please clear the table."

"Sure, madam," The steward replied and gestured the servants with him to clear the table.

Ximena dragged herself upstairs in silence and found herself a book to read on a couch near the window. As time passed by, the clock struck twelve eve

ked at each other for a minute, each silently communicating that things were more complicated than they could predict.

The news broadcast pulled Ximena's attention, even though her eyes were still on the magazine. Recently, gossips and rumors about the Leng Corporation have generated a lot of buzz in the medias. The line between fact and fiction, however, gets blurred with every speculated report. 'Could Aaron be the one pulling all the strings from behind the scenes?

Is he the son of Aldrich Leng?

So, is he the bastard or the legitimate son?'

"Miss Mo, all done." The hairdresser smiled, passing the gold card with both hands.

Ximena's phone rang just then. She fished out her phone and answered it without checking as she grabbed the gold card.

Nobody would call this number except him.

"Finished?" Aaron's distant voice came from the phone.

"Just finished." Ximena had been used to his attitude.

"The car is at the gate." Aaron said briefly and then hung up.

Ximena was about to reply but she stopped and looked outside spontaneously. Aaron's car was there waiting at the gate.

She frowned because she didn't know why he had come here to pick her up. She grabbed her bag and stepped out of the hairdresser's shop.

Inside the car, Aaron was so absorbed in the news on the computer that he didn't even glance at Ximena when she got in.

"Go," Aaron said imperturbably.

Ken nodded at the rear-view mirror before putting his foot on the accelerator and driving towards the seaside.

"So, what's the plan?" Ximena asked.

"To have lunch," he said.

Ximena stared at Aaron with a puzzled look. He had never taken her out for lunch or dinner whenever he was busy. Especially at noon!

She cast a side glance at the screen and saw the content. "How could you care about such gossips?"

"Everyone on the island cares about this, including me."

Ximena curled her lips to show her disapproval. Keeping an eye on his mood, she asked, "Then, which do you think is the truth? Bastard or the son of his true love?"

Brandishing a mysterious smirk, Aaron looked up at her slowly and asked, "What do you think?"

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