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   Chapter 868 Mol's Sweet Marriage Life (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7277

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"Ah! My God!" Molly suddenly exclaimed.

"Are you all right?" Brian asked her. He frowned and looked at her in concern.

She shook her head at seeing Brian being so nervous. "Don't worry. Nothing's wrong," she paused for a moment, drawing a deep breath. Before he could ask again, she continued slowly, "The baby just kicked, That's all."

His face turned long at Molly's explanation. Looking at her gradually swollen belly, he seemed a little angry.

She laughed and chided him, "You will terrify the baby..."

At her laughter Brian put his hand onto her belly. "Hey, you little thing, don't hurt your Mommy. If you don't follow my orders, I will kick your ass!" Suddenly, he blinked in surprise. "Is it actually kicking me?"

Molly couldn't help laughing again and explained, "It is protesting what you said just now!"

"..." Brian was left speechless. He stoked her belly for a while and said to the baby, "If you are a girl, I will forgive you. If you are a boy, I will throw you into the Hell Forest!"

Just then, his hand sensed movement again. He looked in surprise at her belly. Seeing his animated expression, Molly laughed loudly.

They laughed and talked without noticing any other people along the lane. Many passersby smiled at the happy couple. Their happiness even made the crazy heat seem less oppressive.

But one woman was acting differently from the other people strolling under the trees. Her sharp eyes seemed like arrows filled with hate that could shoot through anything.

Sensing the hostile presence, the smile on Brian's face gradually disappeared and he turned his head, looking for the source of the animosity he felt. His eyes met a familiar face.

Feeling his mirth change, Molly also looked in the same direction as his gaze. Soon she also saw the crazy, jealous countenance of the woman who stared at them. "Becky Yan?" Molly called out to her in doubt. The woman's appearance was completely different from the way she remembered her.

Becky Yan clutched the handrails of her wheelchair and clenched her teeth tightly. Slowly she came over in her wheelchair. Never had she expected to meet Brian and Molly again, and on just

to have any sisterly relationship with you!"

After a pause, Molly added, "Becky Yan, I never felt ashamed in front of you. Instead, I only feel grateful to you! Because you let Brian go, so I had the opportunity to be in a relationship with him. I was not confident enough before to be his wife and I gave up several times, but now I've changed! Whatever happens from now on, I will never let him go. I don't care what you think of me, even though you insist that I was the third person. I did not break up your relationship. I will never in my whole life leave Brian. My children and I will be a whole family together with him. I will stay with him forever!"

Brian gazed at Molly and his eyes deepened with respect and love. A smile found its way onto his face. His eyes were proud and he smiled, as he was filled with a sense of happiness and contentment.

"Let's go!" Molly said after she had finished her speech. She tucked her hand in Brian's big hand and turned to Becky one last time. She spoke her last words to Becky, "Try to change yourself. Then I hope you will one day find your own happy life. Becky, forget about the past. Only by doing that, can you have a bright future."

The sunshine painted Molly and Brian in glorious golden light through the leafy canopy overhead. They were a part of a harmonious picture as they strolled away. Becky stayed in that place for a long time, frozen into immobility by her hatred and anger.

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