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   Chapter 867 Mol's Sweet Marriage Life (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7246

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The sweets shop was a place of pleasant indulgence. The heady aromas of sweet milk tea and mellow red tea wafted about the cheery space. Outside the temperature was high, but inside customers enjoyed the perfect surroundings, lingering to ogle the delicious treats and delectable drinks being served. Molly basked in the bright sunshine that entered though the tinted windows. She stared contentedly at the multi-colored reflections that made a kaleidoscope on the tiled floor.

Sitting at a table near the tall window, she gently laid a hand on her swollen belly. Tenderly she stroked the burgeoning life that blossomed within her. In her other hand she held a cup of sweet milk tea. The taste was sweet, but not greasy. It was so nice that her tongue could not help but dance across her lips to lap up every last drop.

While she was enjoying her delicious milk tea, the door opened, disturbing the wind-bell fastened there. The clear ringing drew her from her reverie.

At hearing the musical tinkle, Molly raised her head and looked around at the door.

A tall man stood silhouetted against the bright light streaming in from outside. He glanced around the room with a pair of deep-set eyes which featured prominently in his attractive face. Soon the indifference in his eyes vanished, and a gentle smile played on his face as he saw her familiar figure near the window.

The man had such presence that he towered over everyone both physically and mentally. Wherever he went, he arrested the gazes of all the people around. Men or women, old or young, all were captivated by his appearance.

But Brian Long only had eyes for Molly. He smiled and walked over to her with a deliberate gracefulness. With studied ease, he took a seat opposite her.

"How did you know I was here?" Molly asked. A smile blossomed on her petite face, like a lily opening after a rainstorm.

He gazed at her and answered in a calm tone, "You told me yesterday that the milk tea of this shop was delicious, remember?" The seductive quality of his voice was like a caress as he spoke, "I finished my work just now. When I got home I was told that you were out. So I thought you mu

n the other side."

The first girl gave Sara a sour look, "I was saying I could die if I had such a nice guy... Look at him—he's really too handsome!"

Sara turned her head slightly and then turned back after giving Brian only one glance. "I'm afraid it won't be enough for you to simply die once only, if you really had such a handsome boyfriend. Hurry and finish your milk tea now. We still have to go cover the news!"

"You see? All you notice is your work. Is there anything else that can draw your attention?" the other girl retorted while she picked up her cup and continued sipping the milk tea with great enjoyment.

Sara withered her with a disapproving look. Then she glimpsed in Brian and Molly's direction again. She didn't know the stories about Molly and Brian, but she was aware that it was not easy to obtain the love of a Long family member. However, Brian Long was so gentle and caressing with Molly, that they must have had a long history and numerous ups and downs. Facing such a situation, the woman with him must have had many unusual experiences and suffered a lot to win his heart. And not everyone could make it!

After they finished their milk tea, Brian and Molly left the sweets shop. They didn't drive home, but leisurely walked together hand in hand under the lane of shadowy trees. It was summer, and the air on Dragon Island was wet and hot. Despite this, Brian insisted on walking with Molly every day.

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