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   Chapter 866 Extra Story 16 Of Aaron The Perplexing Incidents

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A man would reshape his view of life only if he was driven to the most desperate corner and confronted with the dangers of death. Although the fact that he had lost his legs kept torturing him after he woke up from his coma, when he had seen the painful eyes of his beloved family, he had been shattered. Immediately, he felt as if he could see through everything and gave up everything.

Slowly closing his eyes, he smiled faintly. 'Ximena, you will be happier without me, ' he thought with a bittersweet smile.


Ximena was sitting at the table, having breakfast, while Aaron sat opposite to her, eating from his plate. Neither of them spoke to each other.

"Miss Mo, your medicine." The servant handed Ximena a cup of warm water and a pill.

Ximena took it from her and gulped it down in front of Aaron with an indifferent expression. It was the same expression she wore every time she was sexually abused by him.

After throwing a glare at her, Aaron said coldly, "I never asked you to take it, and you don't have to eat it in front of me every day."

Ximena drank some water and looked at Aaron, "Your Highness, are you saying... that I can bear your baby?"

Aaron's hands froze slightly, and he furrowed his brows.

Ximena laughed playfully, with a brilliant charm about her. Before her two months staying with him, she had never lived high on the hog like now, although, of course, she had to meet the crazy physiological needs of the man in front of her every night. But she was no longer a normal woman living at the bottom of the food chain. She held the title of "The Mistress of His Highness", and lived the life of a queen under the cover of the powerful Aaron.

"I'm just kidding, Your Highness. Don't mind me." Ximena grinned and carried on with her breakfast.

As Aaron looked quietly at Ximena, who had no demeanor of the person she was two months before, a cold smile spread at the corners of his lips. He asked, "Do you think that since you have been with me for a long time, you can be unscrupulous and make jokes in front of me?"

Ximena smiled and said calmly, "No." She looked into his eyes. "I have

ould also throw a welcome party for her."

While he was still talking on the phone, he and Ximena reached the car. As he got in the car, he replied simply, "All right, I'll be there."

There was a joyous sound from the other end, and Ximena looked sideways at Aaron, then turned away immediately to look out of the car.

After a few more words, Aaron hung up and ordered Ken, "Take her to the salon first."

"Yes, sir!" replied Ken, looking at Ximena through the rearview mirror. The car started to move and slowly drove out of the villa.

As soon as their car had left, two girls walked out from behind the bushes. One of them was in a white, fluffy dress with long straight hair which was decorated with a lace hair clasp, looking pure and elegant. The other girl beside her was in a long pink dress. Unlike the former, this girl looked like she would be a difficult person to get along with.

"Vivi, if you don't keep an eye on Aaron, something bad is gonna happen," Zoey warned her.

Vivi frowned and glimpsed at Zoey, saying confidently, "They're only his playthings. So, I don't need to worry."

"But this woman has been with him for more than two months!" Zoey said, pouting her lips. "Besides, if you are not worried, then why'd you bring me here to have a look?"

Vivi's mind was heavy, and her thoughts were deep.

Her clear face showed a strange, creepy expression, totally unlike her usual self.

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