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   Chapter 865 Extra Story 15 Of Aaron The Perplexing Incidents

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Rare as it was, the greenhouse in the backyard of the Leng Family villa was lively at the moment. The three brothers were deep in conversation. The real James was seated in a wheelchair. As he carefully trimmed a potted plant, he said slowly, "If that's what you've decided, just do it."

His twin brother, Teddy, who was pretending in public to be James, leaned against a pole with his arms crossed across his chest. He looked at Gale, and said hesitantly, "Dad was really pissed off at the banquet. Mom also knew that the woman whom Aaron brought today was the one you..." He quickly swallowed the rest of the sentence, looked at James and saw that he was still quietly pruning the potted plant. Ted frowned and said with uncertainty, "Brother, judging from the current situation, shouldn't we change our plan accordingly? I'm afraid mother will try to hinder us from carrying out our original plan, and besides, father may not be able to bear with such outcomes anymore."

"The Leng Family will slowly be financially drained, and will have no way but to declare bankruptcy in the end." James was satisfied with the pruned plant in his hand. "You should definitely delay that from happening too soon." He put down the potted plant, turned the wheelchair to face his brothers and looked at Gale first and then at Ted. With a serious expression, he said, "At present, executing the original plan is the only way to minimize the damage to our family."

Ted stood straight, a little frustrated. Looking at his twin brother in the wheelchair, he said huffily, "Brother, obviously, we could have a different ending. Your prowess is not inferior to that of Aaron's. As long as you don't give away Leng's Corporations to him, this will all still be ours. That way, mom will not be so hysterical, and dad will not be in any danger."

The corner of James' lips raised, and he said with a slight smile, "Teddy, even when Leng's Corporations is in Aaron's hand, it's still called Leng's Corporations." He rolled the wheelchair towards another potted plant on

ooked up. His pupils dilated and his lips trembled as he watched the car race towards the cliff at its maximum speed.


James woke up from his nightmare, his body covered in cold sweat. His eyes were wide open in panic and he took several long breaths. After a while, he gradually calmed down.

He gulped, sat up and stretched out his hand to switch on the bedside lamp. After grabbing the glass of water near his bed and gulping it down, he panted for a while and then regained his composure.

During the accident that had happened four years ago, he had also jumped out of the car at the last minute. But since the front end of the car had already rolled out of the edge of the cliff, in addition to the harsh wind, he still fell over the cliff. If he hadn't held on to the edge of the rock subconsciously, he would have fallen to the bottom of the cliff and would have become a pile of white bones by now.

After he was rescued from the cliff, he had been in a coma for nearly two months. When he had finally woken up, everything had changed for the worse. Losing his legs was a huge hit to his pride as an independent man, and he was so depressed and lost that he had tried to commit suicide.

Laughing at his past, he put the glass back and lay back on the bed. The dim light from the ceiling let him get lost silently into his deep thoughts.

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