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   Chapter 864 Extra Story 14 Of Aaron Pain

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 10580

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The man in the wheelchair looked away and no one knew what he actually saw. He knew that he should leave, but it was too hard for him to refuse that voice.

"James..." Ximena called his name again.

Her lips were quivering and her eyes were moist. She had never known that the man she fell in love with had such high status in QY Island. She never expected that he was so famous and prominent. If she had known the truth, she would have tried her best not to love him. Maybe she would not have led such a miserable life these past five years.

"I am sorry," the gentle voice came from the man in the wheelchair. His eyes showed nothing but guilt and no trace of love nor even a tinge of passion could be sensed from him. With a hoarse voice, he continued slowly, "I cannot fulfill my commitment for you. Please forget about me." Holding bitter tears, he paused for a little while then added, "If you cannot forget me, please hate me. I am no longer the man you loved before."

After he finished talking, the man left quietly in his wheelchair. Ximena was left aghast following him with her gaze full of resentment.

Slowly, she could feel the tears brimming in her eyes, Ximena gazed at the man in the wheelchair and did nothing till he disappeared in the darkness of the night. Tears came from Ximena's eyes slowly, ran down her cheeks and fall into her thin lips. She didn't bother to wipe them dry. She wanted them to flow out of her eyes so as to ease the pain she felt inside. The tears tasted bitter in her mouth while she kept on staring at the direction of the wheelchair that disappeared in the dark. Letting out a deep sigh, finally, she exclaimed, "James, I hate you! I hate you! Ahhh! I hate everything about you!"

Ximena cried loudly, with her tears storming down her cheeks. She cried regardless of anything else as if she wanted to drown out all the sufferings she had for so many years.

Whilst, on the other hand, silently sitting in a far corner, Aaron looked at Ximena crying with a cold expression in his eyes. He did nothing but take out and lit a cigarette. Smoke was puffing out of his mouth while he stared at her. He seemed to enjoy seeing her in such a tragic state.

Drown in her own misery, Ximena cried and cried. She had forgotten about Aaron who was with her and just looked at the direction where James disappeared. Through her blurry eyes, she hoped that the wheelchair would come to her again and console her out of despair. She lingered and waited, but no James came back to her, not even his shadows.

On the other end, the man in the wheelchair sat in a corner where Ximena couldn't see him. Hearing Ximena's wails, an expression of sadness found its way to his face. Despite the torment, James just looked towards the exit without paying any attention to anything else.

"If you love her so much, why do you let Aaron do that to her?" The voice was calm beside him, then came a pair of shoes, together with long legs. "You would rather be so grieved and let her be hurt by Aaron?"

"Brother Gale. I'm doing it all for her," James forced himself to laugh in a self-deprecating way. But the laugh turned into a ha

king away from the dreaded place. She was actually held by Aaron and was dumped into the car!

"I am a decent living person! You can regard me as one of your goods, but I have my own thought!" Ximena yelled through clenched teeth She waited for five years and suddenly found herself abandoned without any reason, and she even did not have the chance to ask him why. What happened just now at the party drove her crazy and she could not stop herself from crying out.

"The first warning, and it should be the last one!" Aaron's voice was even colder, "I don't want to see my goods express itself! From the moment I rescued you, you should have no opinions of your own. You are to follow what I say!"

"I...but Ahhh!" Just as she was about to speak out one word, Ximena was pressed forcibly to the seat of the car. Her throat was tightly clenched by Aaron so that she could not talk anymore.

With dark, sinister eyes, Aaron looked down at her while she tried hard to push him aside. Aaron asked her sarcastically," So are you ready to die any time? After meeting James, you want to guard your cunt now?"

Pulling all her strength, Ximena stared at Aaron and replied to him slowly, "Your Highness, what kind of answer do you want to hear, then?" She was so deeply grieved and raged. Despair and vulnerability were betrayed in her eyes. "Whatever my answer is, yes or no, You still don't care. I can't run away from your power, right?"

What he heard pleased him, so Aaron curled his lips slightly. The smile was so cold as to freeze the air inside the car into ice.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, Ken pulled down the partition and space inside the car was cut into the front part and the back part. Giving Aaron and Ximena a private space at the back seat while Ken could drive uninterrupted. Then Ken heard the sound of clothes being torn up. At the backseat, what Ken could not see was Ximena's dress was torn into halves.

Shivering in the bitter cold, Ximena was left naked under the gaze of a sinister man. She sobbed bitter tears not knowing whether the tears were for James or for herself.

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