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   Chapter 863 Extra Story 13 of Aaron On Purpose

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Updated: 2019-06-22 13:16

Ximena felt her heart could not bear so much. While not a single question had been solved or covered, a new one had just appeared. If she hadn't misunderstood Aaron's words, he had just clarified that the man in front of her was not James. He was not the man she had known. "Teddy?" she asked for confirmation, and looked at Aaron questioningly.

But Aaron didn't even look at her. His eyes were fixed on James, whose smile had finally frozen in discomfort.

Finding that she couldn't get a straight answer from Aaron, Ximena looked at James and asked, "You are not James?!"

He didn't look at Ximena either. Looking at Aaron with deep, unreadable eyes, he answered Ximena, "If I'm not James, then who could I be? Teddy is only my pet name. My family use it when they speak to me..." Hearing James' explanation, which hinted at the special relationship which he had with him, Aaron's face changed color. Seeing Aaron's discomfort, the smile which lingered on James' face softened and his face warmed again. "Right? Your Highness?" he asked.

"Of course." Aaron regained his composure and resumed his usually indifferent look in an instant. Again he was the iconic image of apathy.

James smiled politely at Aaron's response. Glancing at Ximena, whose face had gone a bit pale, he said, "It is almost time for the party. Please wait for us at the banquet hall. I'm going to escort my father there."

So saying, he rose and gave instruction to somebody outside to guide Aaron and Ximena to the hall where the banquet would be served.

Aaron and James again studied each other with cautious smiles. Then Aaron escorted Ximena from the room. As soon as their backs were turned, James' face gradually shed its smile.

"Mr. James," his assistant asked, now standing by his side, "don't you plan to take the Jade Seal back?"

"Since my second elder brother promised her that he would take it back by himself, then let him take it back by himself," he answered.

Hearing that, the assistant frowned. "But he..."

James regarded the assistant with his cold, sharp eyes, and the latter closed his mouth as he saw James' cold expression. James said in a gloomy voice, "It doesn't matter whether we take it back or not. It won't make any difference. Just as Aaron said, the Jade Seal is nothing but a charm. We can't keep Leng's Corporations just be

d softly wiped away a bloody dribble from the corner of her mouth. Then he bent forward and placed his mouth beside her ear as he spoke in a low voice, "I said that I would let you see him."

"You're a mean soul!" Ximena shouted. She opened her eyes wide to prevent tears from spilling over onto her cheeks. From the direction of her gaze, a man approached in a wheelchair. On reflex, she turned her face away and hid behind Aaron's body.

Seeing Ximena's reaction, a tinge of a smile flashed across Aaron's eyes. He straightened to look at her, as she seemed to be weeping but shed no tears. "James," he said slowly while turning around to look at the wheelchair bound man, "are you also going to attend the party today?!"

Barely glancing at Ximena, the disabled man replied in an indifferent tone, "Your Highness has good eyesight." He gave a seemingly irrelevant answer, but Aaron clearly knew what he meant.

Aaron continued smiling faintly and looked down at the man sitting in the wheelchair. It was exactly because Aaron had seen the man nearby just now that he had kissed Ximena on purpose. It was all a ploy to find out whether the man would give up as he had said earlier.

"It makes no sense to test me in this way," the man added. He took a brief look at Ximena and then rotated the wheelchair, intending to go on his way.

"James!" Ximena called his name in a nervous and urgent voice from behind Aaron, trying to stop the man in wheelchair from leaving. Hearing her voice, the man's hands suddenly froze in their rotation of the wheels.


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