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   Chapter 862 Extra Story 12 of Aaron On Purpose

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Updated: 2019-06-22 11:39

In the reception room, Aaron sat on a sofa with his legs crossed in a casual manner. A still-steaming cup of coffee was grasped in his hand. Meanwhile, Ximena looked somewhat restless, as if she were sitting on pins and needles. With so many doubts plaguing her mind she couldn't figure out the right way forward, and she didn't want to meet James face to face while in such doubts. As she secretly swallowed to wet her mouth which was dry from nerves, an expression of self-mockery played at the corners of her mouth. Considering his coldness and indifference when he had seen her a moment ago, she thought that perhaps he had none of this difficulty in meeting with her at all.

Glancing casually at Ximena, Aaron took a sip of his coffee and then slowly said, "What's wrong with you? You have been expecting seeing him, but when I give you the chance, you don't want to see him any longer?"

Hearing Aaron's sneer, Ximena abruptly turned her head to look at him with fury filled eyes. "Your Highness, I guess you don't know this, but even a grass root has its pride and privacy."

Aaron sneered at her again, "Don't think so highly of yourself. You're not a grass root. You're only a commodity..."

"..." Ximena was speechless. She couldn't find the words to contradict him, for the time being, and she could only glare at him impotently. After a moment's consideration she thought it unwise to continue this topic. Instead, she asked, "I wonder how you had already known that I know him, when you had only met me for the first time?"

"Him?" Aaron paused for effect. While Ximena was grinding her teeth in order to restrain her fury, he continued slowly, "In recent years, it has been said that Aldrich, the leader of the Leng Family, has chosen James to inherit the Leng Family's Corporations. He has even given him the Jade Seal, the family heirloom of the Leng Family..."

Upon hearing Aaron's explanation, Ximena frowned silently, as a myriad of thoughts crowded her mind at the same time. She could not initially fathom how she fit into what Aaron had just said. In the end, realization struck savagely as something came to her mind. Her eyes froze and then opened wide all of a sudden as the truth sank in.

Seeing her expression, Aaron confirmed her suspicions, "Yes, it is exactly that which you have treasured." Continuing, it seemed that he didn't plan to hide anything about this from her. "If it were not fo

eart. James' handsome face, his attractive voice and even his presently spurious smile, were all the same as in her memory.

When she remembered his past promise, her heart began quivering. Her eyes, which had been fixed on James, gradually filled with sorrow. She kept staring at him. Lost in thought, she wondered why she didn't remember him in more detail. She should recall him more deeply, but she didn't. On the contrary, she felt her heart was resisting him, for reasons unknown to her.


a low and deep voice broke through her reverie. Abruptly she was grasped in a cold embrace, completely devoid of even the barest of emotional warmth, as Aaron suddenly hugged her. Shocked, she looked at him blankly.

"She's only a commodity." His cold and indifferent voice was a true reflection of his own emotionless virtues.

At his words, Ximena's face changed color all of a sudden. She couldn't believe what she had just heard. She hadn't expected Aaron could be capable of speaking such words so openly, and in the presence of another person. All of a sudden, she looked at James fearing that his face would reveal something. But when she found that there was no emotion there, she didn't know whether she should feel grateful or disappointed.

"I haven't seen Your Highness attend any past events with a commodity before," James said with a smile, as if he didn't mind Aaron's describing Ximena as a commodity at all.

"A commodity who carries the Jade Seal of the Leng Family is quite different," Aaron wore an almost invisible smile which ghosted at the corners of his mouth. "Right? Teddy?"

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