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   Chapter 861 Extra Story 11 Of Aaron Standoff

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Ximena cried out in pain. All of a sudden she was propped up against the wall, Aaron growling at her with gritted teeth.

"Didn't anybody ever tell you..." Aaron leaned closer and grabbed Ximena by the chin, "that pawns such as yourself should not be having thoughts of your own?"

Ximena, however, showed no signs of being intimidated. This reflected her headstrong character and she stared back into Aaron's eyes with conviction. "If I am not allowed to have my own thoughts, Your Highness, would you still be able to achieve your goal today?"

"What?" Aaron looked a little surprised.

Ximena scoffed at him and said, "I may not be very clever, but I'm not a fool either." Her collar bone was starting to ache due to the pressure Aaron was asserting on her with his forearm, but she did her best to bear the pain. "I didn't know what was your purpose behind bringing me here, but after what happened just now, it would be ridiculous if I still didn't understand anything." She gasped to take a breath before continuing, "You brought me here and even took me straight to Aldrich. Do you expect me to believe that bumping into James was a matter of pure coincidence? It was all a part of your plan, wasn't it?"

"It was. So what?" Aaron shook his head and smiled arrogantly. "I've never sold anything at a loss. You thought I wasn't going to take something in return? I wouldn't have saved you if I didn't think you were going to be of some use to me."

Aaron released her chin and demanded coldly, "Now come along. It's time to go and see James."

"What on earth do you want to do?" Ximena felt as though her heart was being ripped apart. Trying her best to hide her sadness and stay calm, she slowly said, "What do you want from me? What does our relationship mean to you? What do you intend to gain from this? Your High

basic principle of cause and effect. We will have to pay for our mother's actions, sooner or later. As for her..." He rolled the wheelchair forward to look out the glass window at the city under the soft moonlight. Very slowly, he murmured, "I can never give her the happiness that she deserves, so I should let go and let her find her own happiness."

Teddy had strong mixed and ambivalent feelings surge up as he stared at the man in the wheelchair, bereft of hope. There was a time when his brother, the real James, was a bright, ambitious young man with hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow just like any other person. That James would have wanted to give Ximena all the love in the world. But now, confined to his wheelchair, he allowed his unrealized hopes and dreams to vanish forever. That accident had changed everything. Sometimes Teddy even thought that perhaps it would be better if he didn't try his best to save his brother's life after the accident and James just died. Then James wouldn't have to live through all the pain and misery this life had to offer.

Suddenly, a knock on the glass door caught their attention.

The servant outside politely said, "Mr. James, His Highness is waiting for you.


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