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   Chapter 860 Extra Story 10 Of Aaron Standoff

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Aldrich remained silent the whole time, carefully observing the three people before him with his sharp eyes. After James left the room, he finally opened his mouth to talk very slowly,"I didn't expect you to be here today."

As Aaron turned around to face him, his lips curled up in disgust. Taking Ximena's hand in his, he walked towards Aldrich and sat down in front of him. After he let go of her hand, Aaron pulled a cigarette out of a Moroccan leather case and lit it as he sat there, chin pointed up arrogantly. "It's your 60th birthday. How could I not come?" The smile on his face disappeared almost as soon as he looked straight into Aldrich's eyes. If looks could kill, their sharp gaze would have flatlined each other.

"You didn't expect me to be here?" Aaron snickered a little as he continued slowly,"You have promised a woman that you will marry her before you turn 60. I'm here out of sheer curiosity. I'd like to see if you will follow through with your promise."

It seemed as though Aaron had hit a raw nerve.

All of a sudden Aldrich snapped. Anger flashed across his face as he stood up and banged his fist down the table with such force that he knocked some books down to the floor.

Ximena, who was drowning in her sorrows, was startled by the unexpected loud sound. Blinking her eyes as if she had just woken up from a dream, she finally came to feel the tension in the air.

Disregarding Aldrich's violent outburst, Aaron casually took a drag from his cigarette and blew the smoke upwards while smiling. In his deep, serious voice he said,"You asked to see me, as soon as I arrived. If you really want to talk to me, then I guess you'll have to bear it when I say things that annoy you."

As an experienced soldier, Aldrich should have been good at controlling his temper. However, every time he was faced with Aaron, he would lose his temper quite easily. "You are here just to

s on his face as he saw them out.

"Take good care of him," said Aaron, his deep voice showing no sympathy. "I will make him see how I, the one he's so ashamed of, will take away everything he ever cared about."


Aaron raised his eyebrow and gave the housekeeper a stern look to cut him short at once. "Your Highness," he lowered his head and continued,"please go easy on him."

"I will." Aaron smiled bitterly and narrowed his eyes. "At least I won't take away his sons, whom he has always been so proud of." The timbre of his voice, his posture and bearing, gave him an aura of steady authority. "Besides, they'll have to be there to take care of their dying father before they bury him afterwards, right?"

The housekeeper looked up in shock with his mouth gaped open. Aaron didn't even bother to glance at him before he left with Ximena.

"Why did you do that to an old man?" Ximena asked curiously, with furrowed eyebrows as Aaron pulled her forward. "I don't know what happened between you and Aldrich, but I can see that both he and the housekeeper care a lot about you."

Aaron didn't respond, he just kept walking with his head forward.

"Let go of me!" Ximena's wrists were hurting, so she shook him off. "Where are you taking me to?"

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