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   Chapter 858 Extra Story 08 of Aaron The Big Banquet Plus Mol's Sweet Marriage Life

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8575

Updated: 2019-06-21 03:44

Finally, after a long wait, the big banquet to celebrate the 60th birthday of Aldrich Leng, the reigning patriarch of the Leng Family, was held as scheduled. The banquet attracted more people and attention than any other event organized by the major politicians in the history of QY Island. This was the most illustrious event to ever take place on the island.

Aaron stood in front of the window of his living room with a glass of the finest Cabernet Sauvignon in his hand, while gently swirling the red wine inside the glass to unlock its rich aroma.

The news about the big birthday banquet, which was to be held in the villa of the Leng Family later tonight, blared out on the television behind him. The joyful sound that was deliberately created at the moment came into the ears of Aaron, making him feel extremely uncomfortable, as if it set off his feelings of loneliness due to his abandoned and unacknowledged identity, as the bastard of Leng Family.

He felt a congested feeling in the chest and difficulty in breathing. Slowly raising his hand and taking a sip of the wine, he immediately felt that his tongue was strongly stimulated by the cold, spicy liquid.

Aaron heaved a deep breath. His bitter?frown?transformed itself into a sneer and then a contemptuous smirk, fuelled by his unwavering hatred and thirst for vengeance.

"The information about Ximena has been delivered to you," the robotic voice of XK's head of external affairs rang in his ears. "We've made a thorough investigation regarding to the specificity of your request.

Around six years ago, Ximena Mo used to spend a lot of time hanging out with James Leng, before he left her. We guessed that it might have had something to do with what had happened to the Leng Family back then. We've also made a detailed analysis for your reference which you may find in your inbox."

Aaron turned around and put the glass on the table. Without wasting another minute, he turned off the television and stepped into the large walk-in wardrobe...

Surrounded by a collection of the finest tailored clothing in the city, he pulled out a white shirt and a black suit from the hanger and began to change. It seemed as though he was brooding, but was hiding it behind his usual, perfect poker face.

A few days ago, he had asked the XK Intelligence Agency to run an investigation on Ximena. Highly renowned for their efficiency, they managed to dig out everything that had happened to Ximena in the last ten years.

Just like all the common people of QY Island, she started out at the bo

ctly!" the man responded excitedly. "Only three people in the whole of QY Island have the power of beckoning his highness out of hiding." After a pause, he looked at Ximena, and asked curiously,"Seriously, who is the woman next to his highness? How come I have never seen her before?"

"Me neither," the official said, shrugging his shoulders. "But if I had to guess, I'd say she just his dancing partner.

When have you ever seen the same woman stand next to his highness?"

"That's right,"

The man responded, winking his eyes cheekily.

Gossips of such calibre were spreading amongst the guests like wildfire, while Aaron and his partner were turning heads everywhere they went. All the while, Aaron ignored everyone.

"Your Highness, the master wants to talk to you in private." The housekeeper of the Leng Family walked forward and invited Aaron politely.

Aaron cast a short glance at him before he led Ximena out of the crowds' sight with the housekeeper's guidance.

From the moment she entered the villa until now, Ximena did not utter a single word. But no one knew how uncomfortable she was on the inside. For instance, the moment she left with Aaron, she sensed a sharp glare, burning her from the back, making her extremely uneasy. 'Perhaps it was from one of Aaron's secret admirers, ' she wondered.

"Your Highness, this way, please." The housekeeper slightly bowed his head in front of a staircase and took Aaron and Ximena upstairs.

The low, muffled footsteps on the carpet-covered staircase came to the ears of Ximena. Without knowing whether it was because of an overly open environment or the weird atmosphere she was sensing now, she began to feel increasingly tense.

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