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   Chapter 857 Extra Story 07 Of Aaron Bearing and Suffering

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6789

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"Aaron," a soft and gentle voice came over from the phone,"Are you going to attend Mr. Ryan Leng's birthday party?" The girl's voice was so gentle that she must have been wearing a big smiling on her face when she was talking over the phone.

"Of course I will!" Aaron replied to her. At the same time, he entered his room.

"Great! I want to attend the party with you!" She sounded excited and eager to go to the party.

"No, thanks. I've decided to bring someone else with me," Aaron said, as he closed the bedroom door and walked straight into the bathroom. After waiting for a while, when he heard no response from the other end of the call, he sighed and continued,"Vivi, if you want to get Leng's contract for your daddy, we cannot let them know that you and I are in cahoots with each other. Do you understand?" He lowered his voice and added a more affectionate tone.

"Okay, I see..." Vivi was clearly disappointed,"Aaron, when can we be together in public? When will we stop hiding our relationship from others?"

Aaron pushed the bathroom door open and said,"It'll be soon..." He had a satisfactory smile on his face.

Vivi felt a rush of excitement to her head when Aaron gave her words of confidence. But before she could say something, she heard his voice over the phone again. "I am going to take a shower now. After that, I will have to take care of something important. It's getting late. Sweetheart, promise me that you'll go to bed early?"

"Okay, my love," Vivi answered. She didn't say what she initially wanted to tell him. After hesitating for a moment, she said good-bye to Aaron and hung up the phone.

Soon, the sound of water flowing broke the silence, and the silhouette cast on the frosted glass door was blurred by the steam of the hot water, adding a bit of mystery to his lean and strong body...

After some time, Aaron stepped out of the bathroom with only a bath towel wrapped around his waist. Water dripped from his hair onto the floor. His enviably toned body strikingly contrast

at is the point of living without you? Can you imagine how much I am missing you right now?'

Brian repeated the questions in his mind.

The next day in Ximena's bedroom, the morning sun fell slanting through her windows. She was still sound asleep snuggled into a soft eiderdown duvet as it caressed her cheek.

"Knock Knock!"

A sharp knock on the door came in and awakened her. Having been used to living a rough life she was easily awakened by the slightest of sounds. She opened her eyes blankly at first, whipping her head around. After she realized where she was, all the thoughts of what happened yesterday came rushing into her mind.

"Knock Knock!"

This time the knock sounded quick and impatient.

Ximena rushed out of bed immediately. She grabbed the bath-robe from the chair next to her bed and ran to the door, barefooted.

Ximena was greeted by a woman in her thirties, dressed in a black suit with white laced collar, standing at the door. She stared at Ximena arrogantly for a while as if to observe her and then said,"Mr. Leng has arrange for the etiquette training courses and he's asked you to come downstairs in ten minutes to attend the class."?? Having seen the disappointment on her face, the woman lowered her disdainful voice and said,"You mustn't be late because Mr. Leng does not like to be kept waiting


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