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   Chapter 855 Extra Story 05 of Araon Memory

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6062

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"The Leng family... is about to step into a new era," Aaron said slowly. His eyes were cold as ever, but the sadness was plain in his eyes.

Ken didn't respond. He simply looked at the logo with a wordless sigh and kept holding the umbrella for Aaron quietly.

Aaron stood still in front of the tall building. No one knew what was going through his mind. Time seemed to have stopped for him at the moment. Eventually, the lonely expression on his face disappeared and was replaced by the usual indifference. As he walked away from the skyscraper, a blood thirsty look flitted over his eyes.


When Ximena came out of the bathroom, a silk gown was already laid out on her bed. The sheets had been changed and the wardrobe was filled with different types of clothes in various sizes.

Nothing about this surprised her. She knew how these rich people were; even the moon or the stars would be sent over to them if they demanded it. But she was in no mood to appreciate those fancy items.

She gazed outside. The empty yard was dark and horrifying.

The relentless drizzle looked like a dark garment for the lonely night.

Her thoughts drifted back to the past. "Xim, will you wait for me?" James had asked her. They had been sitting on the grass on one dark night. He was handsome and elegant, and his voice was so hypnotizing.

"Will you come back for me?"

she had asked him in response.

"I will," he had answered firmly. "No matter how long it takes, I'll come back for you."

And she had believed him, just because it was him. Her James. That was his promise to her. And so, she waited and waited. It had been more than five years.

Leaning on the window, Ximena looked into the black merciless night, the jade seal tightly secured in her hands. James had left it to her. The only thing

nking about that man." Aaron stared at her coldly. He had had doubts about the jade seal in her hands before. Now, after hearing the name "James", what doubts could he possibly have anymore?

Who else coincidentally had that name on QY Island?

Ximena gritted her teeth, but said nothing. She held the jade seal tightly to calm herself down. The man whose presence she was in, was His Highness, someone powerful enough to end a life with a snap of his fingers. She was not afraid of death, but she couldn't die yet; James hadn't fulfilled his promise yet.

Just as Ximena was wondering how to deal with the man in front of her, Aaron stepped towards the sofa and sat down. With his legs crossed elegantly, he lit a cigarette and took a long drag. "Now, I would like to examine the commodity," he demanded as he exhaled the smoke.

He said it so casually, as if he were talking about a bag of tomatoes. His cold stare made her shiver.

"What?" Ximena asked, aghast.

"I never do charity. I only trade." Aaron flicked the ash off the cigarette. "Since this is a trade, I have to examine the commodity to see if it is as good as it was said to be," he replied

as he fixed his sharp gaze on her.

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