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   Chapter 854 Extra Story 04 of Araon Memory

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Ximena looked at the castle-like villa in front of her, and then at the humongous mountain surrounding it. A chill took hold of her. She could smell blood in the air. It frightened her so much that she could feel her own blood curdling.

She had been an orphan ever since she was born. Unlike in other countries, where appropriate security system was implemented and the orphans were provided with a subsistence allowance, on QY Island, orphan or not, no one cared. On this island, compassion was a rare thing. It would be a mistake to expect anyone to ever take pity on you, let alone offer protection. Nuns, who believe in the power of God, were the only ones that ever cared about the orphan children.

So, without proper care, the orphans on QY Island either died early in life or survived on scraps. Those who survived had two different endings.

Some would try to defy their destined fate, just like her. They would constantly be in danger and would wish that maybe someday God would open His eyes and hear their prayers. And if God decided to abandon them, whether man or woman, they would end up as some powerful scumbags' toys, and one day, their bodies would turn up in a dumpster, a destiny so miserable that one would wish they had never been born at all.

Lucky for her, that day, Ximena had met Aaron, the powerful highness of the underworld, who had saved her from the edge of danger. Although she didn't know what was going to happen to her next, she thought it was better than becoming somebody's toy. Here, her worst outcome would be death. That seemed like a better option to her.

That was what she had thought before she had set her eyes on the eerie villa. But now, she was slowly starting to realize how naive and ridiculous she had been.

"You are not allowed to enter the third and the fourth floors. You can pick any room of your liking

d and forgotten for the longest time.

"Your Highness," Ken called before taking the umbrella from Aaron's hand and holding it over his head. He looked towards the newly developed zone and let out a silent sigh. "Your Highness, do you intend to keep that girl in the villa at all times?"

Aaron withdrew his gaze from the zone, cast Ken a glance, and started to walk away from the bridge. "I've been having a difficult time finding a way to crack Helen. Now, the opportunity has presented itself," he observed.

"How did the jade seal of the Leng family end up in the hands of a lowly woman?" Ken asked, puzzled. He had noticed the jade seal in her hands earlier. After getting a clear look, he believed that it was genuine.

A dangerous smile appeared on Aaron's face as he said, "The Leng family head's birthday is coming soon."

Ken was confused by his response, but he replied respectfully, "Yes, Your Highness. It's the day after tomorrow."

Aaron slowed down and paused for a moment. Turning his head slowly, he gazed at the skyscraper in the distance, his eyes dark with grimness. Everybody on QY island recognized the huge logo on the building, the logo of the Leng Group, which played a very significant role in the world.

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