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   Chapter 853 Extra Story 03 Of Aaron The Conditions Plus Mol's Sweet Pregnant Life

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Judging by what just happened, Ximena forced herself to calm her senses. The only thing she cared about was getting out of Master Tiger's clutches. As long as that deal was still on the table, she would gladly deal with whatever consequences that would come at her.

"Get out of my sight," Aaron ordered. Although his voice had the timbre of an unforgiving tyrant, to Ximena, his voice was deep and charismatic like that of a prince.

The man on the floor, relieved by Aaron's display of mercy, staggered up to his trembling feet somehow and quickly urged the beefy man, "Let's get out of here..."

The beefy man, who no longer had a grasp on the situation, let go of Ximena's hand and helped his friend stay on his feet. Before long, he noticed the lightening symbol engraved on Ken's gun as well. Almost immediately, his face turned pale and his jaw dropped to the floor.

QY Island had both government officials and their illegal counterparts. In the legal world, everyone knew the Leng Family, while, in the underworld, everyone recognized the lighting logo, a symbol that could send tremors in the hearts of men and women alike.

Watching Master Tiger's lackeys walk away with their tails tucked firmly between their legs, came as a shock to her, but she didn't have time to think about that right now. At the moment, she was just glad to be rid of them. Due to extreme hunger and the stressful incident she had just been through, a feeling of exhaustion came over her. Lacking the strength to carry on, she fell to her knees before collapsing on the ground.

She was baffled that despite her distress, Aaron and Ken didn't offer to help her. Neither of them had a trace of sympathy on their faces.

"About that thing in your hand, who did you get that from?" Aaron asked in a cold voice, throwing an indifferent glance at Ximena who was sitting on the wet ground.

It was nothing short of a miracle that she managed to keep holding on to that thing in her hand. Even though she didn't have the strength to keep herself standing, she still held onto it, as though her life depended on it. But what was it? And why were they concerned about it?

Only when they mentioned it, that she realized it was still in her hands, safe and sound.

It looked like a seal carved out of jade stone, decorated with stylized crystal. Meanwhile, it also looked like an ordinary piece of ornament. At first glance, it seemed nothing out of the ordinary.

As Ximena looked at the unharmed jade seal in he

ght," Molly answered.

"Mol, this child will be born under our common guardianship." Brian spoke gently in his affectionate and charming voice.

"All right." Deep down Molly was jumping with joy to find him so concerned about their baby. But on the outside, she kept an indifferent expression on her face.

"I don't want him or her to get hurt at all. I just want him or her to come to the world safely, you know..."

"All right." Still happy inside, but indifferent outside.

Then Brian went on talking about the baby.

However, no matter what he said, she simply answered, "All right."

Brian kept going on and on about the baby as if it wasn't already obvious to Molly that he was trying to persuade her. As a result, Molly just kept nodding and saying "all right" to everything he said.

After a while, when Brian was convinced that he had sweet-talked Molly enough, he felt it was time to tell her what he really wanted to tell her. "So I think it would be best for the baby if you just stayed at home, right? I promise you that I'll be right back as soon as I finish my work. It shouldn't take me long anyway."

"No! Mom said that you need to be with the baby all the time." Not the answer Brian was expecting. In fact, she refused him without a second thought or hesitation. She looked at Brian, and said thoughtfully and considerately, "I have no other choice but to follow mom's request. I don't mind accompanying you to see today's training program."

Brian was at a loss, sulking like a spoiled brat. He felt as though he had wasted his time trying to persuade his wife for nothing.

'My god! Shirley, look at what you have done to me!'

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