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   Chapter 852 Extra Story 02 Of Aaron The Conditions Plus Mol's Sweet Pregnant Life

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8086

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While Ximena failed to understand the hidden meaning behind Aaron's questioning, she had a thousand unanswered questions of her own that raced wildly in her mind. She carefully observed Aaron, constantly perusing him, as if the man had all the answers to her questions, or at least that was what she strongly believed. From the moment he showed an interest in her out of the blue to when he didn't even flinch at the mentioning of Master Tiger, she had already come to the conclusion that Aaron was not a man to be underestimated by any means. Thus, as long as he was willing to save her from Master Tiger's clutches, she was going to take advantage of his help.

"What do you think?" Ximena raised her head high and countered his question with another question. Smart as she was, Ximena understood that the more she revealed at the moment, the more she risked putting herself in trouble. Since Aaron had asked her about her relationship with the third young master of the Leng family out of nowhere, it was clear to her that there was something he wasn't telling her, even though she hadn't quite figured out what it was just yet.

Aaron squinted his eyes and shot a cold glance at Ximena, his expression making her feel as though he wanted to bite her head off.

"Hey," said the beefy man, looking slightly anxious after seeing the look on Aaron's face," you'd better stay out of our business. And..." He glanced at Ximena, who at the time was lost in her own thoughts after her confrontation with Aaron, and then turned to Aaron, who gave him a strong domineering vibe, and said," She's just a grass-root person. How could she have anything to do with the Leng family?"

Meanwhile, his brain desperately scrambled to make sense of it all. 'A lot of people living in QY Island may not know all the leaders and officials of the island, but everyone definitely knows the Leng Family. The Leng Family has been the most influential and powerful family in QY Island mainly due to the fact that it controls almost all of the Island's source of wealth and income. No other family has the power to surpass the Leng Family. Although the Leng Family, much like the Rothschild Family in the United States, doesn't control the currency of QY Island, it still controls the lifeblood of the entire QY Island.

For as long as most people could remember, the Leng Family has had a deep-rooted connection to QY Island. From its fo

the man who was about to start a fight. Silence enveloped the moment. Just as the man was about to throw a punch, he found a gun pointed straight to his head in the blink of an eye...

Nobody saw Ken pull his gun out. Perhaps because their attention was solely on Aaron or because he was too fast for the naked eye to catch.

The man froze on the spot immediately. Starting down the barrel of a loaded gun, the man thought about drawing his own gun, but the moment he put his hands on his holster, he stopped, as if paralyzed from head to toe, at the sight of the gun in Ken's hand. There was a lightning symbol engraved on the handle. Although it was too dark to see anything clearly, he felt cold and shivered all over his body the moment he laid his eyes on the lighting symbol and what it entailed.

The man's hands, followed by his body, shook like there was an earthquake inside of him. All of a sudden, his knees felt weak as jelly and before he knew it, he was kneeling on the wet ground.

"Hey, what's going on?" The beefy man who still had his hand on Ximena was dumbfounded at the sight of his man cowering in fear, his face ghostly pale under the dim streetlight. Without a conscious thought, he then turned his sights to Ken.

Unfortunately, from where he was standing, he wasn't able to see the lightning symbol on Ken's gun.

But unlike most gangsters, he wasn't ignorant and stupid. The way his man fell to the ground, trembling in fear, was enough to tell him that the people standing in front of him were way above his pay grade and perhaps it would be best to get out of their way.

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