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   Chapter 851 Extra Story 01 Of Aaron Meeting For The First Time

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7959

Updated: 2019-06-20 00:48

In the fine misty rain, the neon light shone magnificently, creating a mystical effect in the evening air. The colourful light had different dimensions to it, as it seemed to dance through the bouts of gentle rain.

Grasping something tightly to her in her clenched fist. Ximena ran desperately, for her it was a terrifying swaying sight. The uniquely beautiful scene had become a flashing night of fear.

"Gosh! The little bitch is so good at running," a cruel voice spluttered out its vulgar words. This was coming through from behind her.

Ximena turned back to glance at the approaching people following her. Then she swung her head back and kept running desperately. Her strength and speed were leaving her gradually. Without enough physical power, she was exhaling continuously. She hadn't eaten or consumed any liquids the whole day and became too tired to keep running. Her exhaling now began to exceeded her inhaling, gasping desperately for air.

The scene played out as a thriller movie would do, of two big men running after Ximena. It was openly conspicuous for all the public to watch. But not one of the passers-by intervened in anyway. Everybody behaved indifferently, disengaging themselves from reality. Out of curiosity, people would stretch out their necks to have a clearer view. They speculated and wondered what would happen to the girl if the two men had seized her.

Ximena kept running while clutching onto the thing in her hand, as if it could give her unlimited power and it was worth dying for.

The voices of the men came from behind her continuously. Ximena exerted all her strength and finally she could no longer carry on. When she saw the wall in front of her, an even greater amount of fear rose within her. Being cornered and having nowhere to go. 'This must now be the end for me?', she thought.

As a result of the combination of hydration and having no nourishment in her system. The excessive mental stress and exhaustion, she had fled in the wrong direction. She hadn't been concentrating, without heeding which roads she should choose. It turned out that she had run into a dead end.

"Run, keep running... Son of a bitch!" one of the men said, gasping for air while staring at Ximena. "It's your good fortune to be picked by my boss, but you tried to escape! To escape is to play with fire! I guess you don't want to live your l

ut the men. Instead, he looked at Ximena with seeming interest, waiting for her answer in a gentle and calm manner.

"I can give myself to you." Ximena spoke without thinking, as she spoke out of desperation. All she wanted at the moment was to escape from these two strong men. "I..." she added while gritting her teeth,"I'm still pure!"

Hearing her answer, Aaron wore a cold faint smile, which only stayed at the corners of his mouth. He said,"There are a lot of women like you around me, and many of them are prettier than you!"

He meant that he had no interest in her at all.

After saying that, he went on walking forward, without looking at Ximena. Seeing that, the two men both felt great a relief all of a sudden.

Taking a slight glance at the desperate Ximena, Ken still followed behind Aaron respectfully.

Looking at Aaron, who was about to pass her by, Ximena didn't want to miss her last chance. She gritted her teeth and said,"If you rescue me, I will pay you back in whatever way you like!"

Unfortunately, Aaron wasn't interested in her words at all. While passing Ximena he took a glance in her direction. At that moment, neither he nor Ximena knew that this glance, would change her fate completely.

Ximena kept struggling, while still grasping tightly onto the object in her hand. In between her knuckles, through a small gap, a tinge of tender light reflected out.

Seeing that, Aaron stopped abruptly. Looking at Ximena with his cruel, coldly brutal eyes, he asked,"What's the relationship between you and the third son of the Leng Family?"


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